Cookie Delivery Begins This Fall!

Well, after 17 years of creating the best brownie gifts anywhere, we've decided to branch out.  Fairytale Brownies began with just two flavors - walnut and plain.  Since that time we've expanded our line to include 12 flavors in three sizes (Original 3" x 3" Brownies, snack-size 3" x 1.5" Fairytale Sprites, and bite-size 1.5" x 1.5" Magic Morsels).  We've also introduced brownie trays and our most recent creation - Fairytale Truffles (bite-size gourmet brownies completely enrobed in 60% dark belgian chocolate).

After much soul searching we decided it was time to branch out beyond our brownie beginnings.  Customers sending thank you food gifts kept asking for more variety.  So the next logical step was cookies.  But these couldn't be just any cookies - they had to be worth of the Fairytale name. So after months of testing, baking, evaluating and tasting hundreds of cookie experiments, we've created two decadent and delicious cookie flavors:  Caramel Pecan and Double Chocolate.

Fairytale Cookies are made with the same premium, all-natural ingredients that we use in our brownies, including creamery butter and farm-fresh eggs.  So this fall when you're ready to send corporate gifts or ship brownies to a friend, you can feel confident that our new cookies will be as delicious and well received as the brownies you've sent before!

Caramel Pecan and Double Chocolate Fairytale Cookies!

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