Send Brownies as a Random Act of Kindness

People are busy with Valentine's Day, but did you know that February 17 is Random Acts of Kindness Day? This is a holiday everyone can get behind. It can be simple random acts like smiling at strangers or holding the door open for others. Other ideas include paying the tab for the person behind you in line, or volunteering your time at a food kitchen. Personally, I think it is a great day to thank those around you or to get back in touch with an old aquaitenance. So what better way to do this but with a gourmet food gift. Surprise someone with a cookie delivery, or send brownies!

Here at Fairytale Brownies we have a variety of different gourmet gifts. I recommend one of our Thank You Gifts or Thinking About You Gifts. A small gesture can go a long way, and people will really apprecite and enjoy it. So remember to incorporate random acts of kindess into your week, and even make it a year round habit. A little kindness can go a long way!  Image credit.

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New Photo Brownie Gifts Add a Personal Touch!

If you've received our new Valentine's Day catalog or visited Fairytale Brownies on the web recently, you may have noticed our new Photo Gifts. We started with Photo Tins last fall, and got such great feedback from customers who sent them that we decided to expand the photo option to more brownie gifts this spring. Photo gifts are great for anniversary gifts, birthday gifts, Valentine gifts and anytime you want to send a truly personalized gift of mail order brownies. Ordering a photo gift is super simple. All you have to do is choose a gift, upload a special photo, and your personal brownie or cookie delivery will be on its way!

I love these gifts, and plan to send many boxes and tins of gourmet brownies adorned with pictures to friends and family all over the country. You can even see me and my daughter on this Photo Tin Morsel 24 on our website!

Photo Tin Morsel 24


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It's Not Too Early To Start Thinking About Holiday Brownie Gifts

I know it's only June, but here at Fairytale Brownies we start thinking about the holiday season in January!  It's all about the planning because we do most of our business throughout the year during the busy December gift-giving season.  After Thanksgiving it's nothing but cookie delivery and brownie delivery  24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  

The planning gets started early in January right after the season ends.  We figure out which gifts sold well and which ones didn't.  Then it's time to start thinking about the new products that we plan to introduce for the upcoming holiday season.  Since we specialize in food gifts, we're always introducing new products and new gift packaging.  Once we decide on the new items, we start experimenting in the test kitchen or designing the new packaging.  Since all of our gift packaging is custom, we have to design it well in advance.  Once designs or new recipes are complete we need to develop prototypes and test samples so that we can take photos...

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Let Dad know he's special with gourmet Fairytale treats

Just in case you haven't been paying attention, Father's Day is Sunday. Have you decided what you are going to do with or for the Dad in your life?

I think once a person reaches a certain age, the number of gift ideas for Dad diminishes. You've bought every tie, T-shirt, gadget, gift card, BBQ accessory, electronic device, tool and toy on the market. At some point, Dad doesn't need or want anything and you're left wondering how to let him know he's a special part of your life.

If your Dad likes dessert, Fairytale Brownies has the answer. You can still order brownies and cookies with overnight shipping and get that gift to the Dads in your life before Sunday.

Or, if you live in the Phoenix area, our bakery store is open from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. tomorrow and Friday. All of the AJ's Fine Foods in Arizona sell individual brownies in their bakeries and Fairytale Brownies are sold in other locations across the country.

One thing to remember: Men are not complicated. They either like something or...

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Brownies Delivered for 20 Fairytale Years with the Help of Kim Silva

Fairytale Brownies 20th Anniversary logo

This year we are continuing to celebrate our 20 year anniversary of delivering the very best in personal and corporate food gifts featuring gourmet Belgian chocolate brownies.  Each month Eileen and I have been sharing stories and memories of the past 20 years.  I thought for this post that I would share a story about our longest employed team member, Kim Silva.  Kim has been with Fairytale Brownies for over 18 years and she has been a key part of our success.  She came to us in 1994 right out of college at Arizona State University.  Kim was originally hired on a part time basis to help us run the farmers' markets that we were doing at the time.  Fairytale Brownies was originally conceived as a wholesale business, but we decided to participate in street fairs and farmers' markets to help with our sales.  We quickly found out that customers wanted us to ship brownie gifts for them to friends and relatives all over the country.  This is how we ended up in the business of selling mail...

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Fairytale Brownies Special Summer Packaging

Mail order Belgian chocolate brownies and other delectable treats delivered during the warm summer months. . . . Fairytale Brownies has it covered!  You may wonder how we can still ship our gourmet brownies, cookies and truffles during the hot summer months, well, it's because we use special summer packaging to help keep our treats intact until they reach their destination.  During the summer months (from June 1st through September 30th) all Fairytale Brownies shipments are packed in an insulated box with reusable cold packs.  We also limit our "standard" shipping days to Monday through Wednesday and some products, like Fairytale Truffles, require overnight delivery.  This helps to ensure the packages will not sit on a truck or in a warehouse for long periods of time, they keep moving to reach their destination.  We also offer "expedited" delivery services as needed (overnight, priority overnight and Saturday delivery).

Remember, it is normal for the cold packs to be soft or thawed upon...

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San Diego Bound with Fairytale Brownies and Cookies

Brownie GiftsI'll be heading out for lovely San Diego with my mom to visit family for a Mother's Day celebration.  As always, Fairytale Brownies are high on the request list, so I was sure to stock up before I head out.  Our new Fairytale Brownies Photo Tin will be the perfect gift for my mom, and for my nephew, Nick, I'll be taking a Happy Birthday box filled with gourmet Fairytale Cookies.  He just loves the peanut butter cookie, so I promised I'd bring a big box for him to stock up on.  I'm the favorite aunt, of course!

Shipping brownies makes it simple and easy, but unfortunately I procrastinated, so I'll be making my brownie and cookie deliveries in person.  I guess that just makes it even more special, hand delivering gourmet gifts is always fun!  So, I'm headed off to beautiful San Diego for a fun filled weekend, made even more special with gifts of Belgian chocolate brownies and cookies in hand . . Yum!!!

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Happy Brownie Gift Recipients!

One of my favorite parts of my job here at Fairytale Brownies is talking to customers and those who have received a brownie or cookie delivery through our Twitter account, @ftbrownies. I get to interact with lots of fans of our mail order brownies and cookies. We get tons of tweets and pictures about gourmet brownie gifts around the winter holidays, but not as many the rest of the year. So, I get extra excited when I do hear from brownie gift recipients at other times of the year. Just this morning, I received this great picture and comment that I wanted to share. 

@JinxMcGillicudd: Got a fab gift. Shoutout to Fairytale Brownies for deliciousness and charming presentation.

Thanks to everyone who talks to me on Twitter, you really brighten my days! 

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Send brownies and cookies for Valentine treats!

18-Piece Valentine Truffles18-Piece Valentine TrufflesI came across this blog on the Huffington Post today that is a list of the "5 Best Sendable Valentine's Day Treats," and I couldn't help but notice that both brownies and cookies made the list. The author recommends baking one's own delicious treats for a brownie or cookie delivery that the sender has labored over him or herself, but time is growing short for baking, packing and shipping brownies from your own kitchen in time for Valentine's Day.

Fear not. Fairytale Brownies is here with mail order brownies for your chocolate-loving sweetheart and cookies delivered to those whose sweet tooth is of a slightly less chocoholic nature. :) And for those who really can't get enough chocolate in their lives, a decadent gift of 18-Piece Valentine Truffles chocolate-covered mini brownies is the perfect Valentine.

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Mail order cookies they'll RAVE about!

It's that time of year again when my doorbell rings and it's the local Girl Scouts selling the inevitable Cookies. If they are not at my front door, they are at the entrance into and out of the local grocery store. Don't get me wrong, I love the Girl Scouts and think it is a wonderful organization which benefits girls in many ways. However, my cookie cravings are only satisfied by one... my favorite, Fairytale Cookies. 

One can't really compare the taste of deliciously chewy gourmet cookies of Fairytale Brownies, to the mass produced Girl Scout cookies, but the flavor profiles are somewhat similar.  Rich, Mint Chocolate and soft, creamy Peanut Butter are my favorite cookie flavors, but the rich, chewy Toffee Chocolate Chip is a close second! See all of the Fairytale Cookie flavors here.

Caramel Pecan Gourmet Cookies   Coconut Walnut Gourmet Cookie  Double Chocolate Gourmet Cookies
Caramel Pecan                        Coconut Walnut                    Double Chocolate

Mint Chocolate Gourmet Cookie   Peanut Butter Gourmet Cookies   Toffee Chocolate Chip Gourmet Cookies
Mint Chocolate                        Peanut Butter                         Toffee Chocolate Chip

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