Best Brownie, Best Blondie, Best Cookie & on and on...

Email I received yesterday - "OH MY GOOD LORD IN HEAVEN ABOVE !! I took one bite of a Pecan Blondie from the package that arrived from Nirvana and had to write to say, from our entire staff THANK YOU!! Ok, I just stopped to take another bite.

Adam had the Espresso first, then a White Chocolate. Marcus had the Walnut, then Raspberry White Chocolate and Tom went straight for the White Brownie Cream Cheese, followed by Cream Cheese.

Another bite. Oh my, it’s gone. Time for another, What shall it be???

You are making some marvelous magic there in the desert, and we can’t thank you enough.

Thank you again, I’m now going for seconds. We promise to save some for others, if we can.

Jon Tom Marcus and Adam."

** I sent this Fairytale Combo Gift as a thank you gift to Jon at PSAV in San Diego for his help.

Fairytale Brownies, Bars & Cookies

Brought such a smile to my face, I am so lucky spreading joy is my job! Next time you need to make someone this happy, think about delivering Fairytale Brownies to their desk or doorstep.



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NEW Brownie Gift Catalogs Coming Your Way!

We are just one long weekend away from our first Fairytale Brownies catalog drop of the 2012 Holiday season! 

Here is a sneak peek at every catalog we will be mailing this fall (and the spring ones you may have already received) here in the display rack we have next to the elevator in our office. This is a great place to showcase the current year's catalogs full of brownies, cookies and our new bars, while also having them handy to give to visitors who come by.

Our catalogs are full of gifts for the holidays, birthdays, many other occasions and corporate food gifts filled with a variety of gourmet baked goods that we ship worldwide. Whether you are looking to have Belgian chocolate brownies, sweet, buttery bars or moist, chewy cookies delivered, these catalogs have something for you!

Autumn catalogs (the one on the top left in the photo) will begin to arrive in home next week, with new versions every two to four weeks (not all to the same people, of course). 

This week is a milestone for...

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Printing Gourmet Food Gift Catalogs!

Last week, our designer, Erin, went to Wisconsin to get all of our Fairytale Brownies catalogs printed for the fall/holiday season. She was kind enough to take some pictures of the place that has printed millions of our gourmet brownie gifts catalogs since 2001. If you want to send mail order brownies or have cookies delivered this holiday season, be sure to head over here to make sure your name is on our mailing list! 

Here are rolls and rolls of paper used to print all kinds of food gift catalogs. 

rolls of paper

Getting ready to go onto the presses!

rolls of paper

Our color specialist, Hope, checking sheets off the press to make sure the fudgy brownies look great!

checking press sheets for brownie catalogs

Press operators checking pages and pages of corporate food gifts!

brownie gift catalogs

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Brownies Delivered for 20 Fairytale Years with the Help of Kim Silva

Fairytale Brownies 20th Anniversary logo

This year we are continuing to celebrate our 20 year anniversary of delivering the very best in personal and corporate food gifts featuring gourmet Belgian chocolate brownies.  Each month Eileen and I have been sharing stories and memories of the past 20 years.  I thought for this post that I would share a story about our longest employed team member, Kim Silva.  Kim has been with Fairytale Brownies for over 18 years and she has been a key part of our success.  She came to us in 1994 right out of college at Arizona State University.  Kim was originally hired on a part time basis to help us run the farmers' markets that we were doing at the time.  Fairytale Brownies was originally conceived as a wholesale business, but we decided to participate in street fairs and farmers' markets to help with our sales.  We quickly found out that customers wanted us to ship brownie gifts for them to friends and relatives all over the country.  This is how we ended up in the business of selling mail...

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Fairytale Brownies Special Summer Packaging

Mail order Belgian chocolate brownies and other delectable treats delivered during the warm summer months. . . . Fairytale Brownies has it covered!  You may wonder how we can still ship our gourmet brownies, cookies and truffles during the hot summer months, well, it's because we use special summer packaging to help keep our treats intact until they reach their destination.  During the summer months (from June 1st through September 30th) all Fairytale Brownies shipments are packed in an insulated box with reusable cold packs.  We also limit our "standard" shipping days to Monday through Wednesday and some products, like Fairytale Truffles, require overnight delivery.  This helps to ensure the packages will not sit on a truck or in a warehouse for long periods of time, they keep moving to reach their destination.  We also offer "expedited" delivery services as needed (overnight, priority overnight and Saturday delivery).

Remember, it is normal for the cold packs to be soft or thawed upon...

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An American (Fairytale Brownie) in Paris (well, Cannes)!

Fairytale Magic Morsels at the Fete Fairytale Brownies, Sprites, Morsels and Fairytale Cookies have been delivered to the Cannes Festival!

I imagine our brownies took a sharp right at the Eiffel Tower and now will be scattered about the American Pavilion for snack time, treat time and late night muunchies!

We put our facebook Fairytale Brownies and Twitter @ftbrownies on each label to help spread the brownie word, meet some new brownie friends and make the world a sweeter place with our fudgy Callebaut all natural brownies and cookies - bon appetit!

Fairytale Brownies en route

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San Diego Bound with Fairytale Brownies and Cookies

Brownie GiftsI'll be heading out for lovely San Diego with my mom to visit family for a Mother's Day celebration.  As always, Fairytale Brownies are high on the request list, so I was sure to stock up before I head out.  Our new Fairytale Brownies Photo Tin will be the perfect gift for my mom, and for my nephew, Nick, I'll be taking a Happy Birthday box filled with gourmet Fairytale Cookies.  He just loves the peanut butter cookie, so I promised I'd bring a big box for him to stock up on.  I'm the favorite aunt, of course!

Shipping brownies makes it simple and easy, but unfortunately I procrastinated, so I'll be making my brownie and cookie deliveries in person.  I guess that just makes it even more special, hand delivering gourmet gifts is always fun!  So, I'm headed off to beautiful San Diego for a fun filled weekend, made even more special with gifts of Belgian chocolate brownies and cookies in hand . . Yum!!!

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See How Easily You Can Create Custom Photo Fairytale Gift Tin!

Our newest feature and gift is so awesome I had to share. You can get mail order cookies or brownies with your photo on top. And so easy!

Here's the finished Fairytale Custom Medley Photo Tin.

Mother's Day Keepsake Photo Tin - New!

Now let me show you how easy!

Step 1 - Choose which brownie tin sku; I chose the Photo Tin Medley. Photo Tin      

Step 2 - Upload your photo; chose photo off my iphone (self-portrait of my family) Photo Tin upload  

Done. Ordered yesterday, shipping today; delivered to Grandma TOMORROW!

Pretty cool. Grandma is going to love it. Perfect for Mother's Day, new babies or share an accomplishment.

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Flat Stanley visits the Fairytale Bakery!

Over the weekend, my family received a Flat Stanley from our niece in Indianapolis to take around with us for a few days and send back to her second grade class with photos of his adventures, so naturally, I brought him to work with me yesterday. I gave him a tour, and wanted to share. 

First, we went into the kitchen, where the bakers were busily baking and wrapping gourmet brownies. He checked out some huge bags of sugar, helped clean the wrapping machine, and dove into a bin of Magic Morsels mini brownie wrappers. 

Flat Stanley at Fairytale Brownies        Flat Stanley cleaning up walnut brownies at Fairytale Brownies  

Flat Stanley checking out mini brownie wrappers at Fairytale Brownies

Next, we went into the warehouse to help out the shipping team. Flat Stanley helped pack some Fairytale Sprite Dozen gourmet brownie gifts and sent some boxes off to UPS so that lucky recipients will have brownies and cookies delivered in a few days. 

Flat Stanley packing gourmet brownie gifts at Fairytale Brownies          Flat Stanley helping send brownies at Fairytale Brownies

Finally, we visited the Fairytale Bakery retail store, where Flat Stanley helped Marlene ring up some fudgy chocolate brownies for a customer. He had a busy day, and went home very tired!

Flat Stanley at the Fairytale Brownies Bakery store

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Let KaBOOM! help open up a play space near you!

NOT a public playground


I know the topic of our blog is mail order brownie gifts and cookies delivered, but I couldn't help but share this image and blog post from our friends at KaBOOM! As you probably know, Fairytale Brownies has been a big supporter of KaBOOM! for over 10 years now, and we helped fund and build a playground here in Tempe, AZ last year. 

The sad thing about school playgrounds is that many are never open to the public. There is one in my neighborhood just on the other side of the fence from a public playground, but many communities aren't that fortunate. A lot of the time, the school playground is the only one in a town. If this is the case in your community, please check out KaBOOM!'s Joint Use Toolkit to help open up your school playground to the community. 

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