Create chocolate vacation moments with Fairytale Brownies

Summer is here! Ok, some schools around the country are still in session, but the majority have ended for the summer months. It's time to thing about vacations.

It doesn't matter where you go, just remember to take gourmet brownies from Fairytale Brownies with you!

Staying with family or friends at your destination? Have brownies delivered before you get there. Make sure you send instructions with the fudge brownies that the recipients should save a few for you when you arrive.

Or send brownies or thank you food gifts to your hostess after you return home. You'll be sure to receive another invite the next time you're in town.

Planning a staycation rather than traveling? Ship brownies to yourself with a fun note about the chocolate joys of staying home.

Whether you're staying in or traveling far, make Fairytale's Belgian chocolate brownies a part of your next vacation.


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