Cross-Country Gourmet Brownie Gifts Buzz!

Last week, my husband, daughter and I packed up and headed east on a vacation to visit the majority of our family in 4 states (Illinois, Indiana, Connecticut and New Jersey) in one week. I wish we had hopped on a train for a moment so we could say we traveled via planes, trains and automobiles, but we didn't think about it while we were near one. Two out of three isn't bad, though. 

Most of the people we saw are family and friends who have received mail order brownies from us at some point in time, so most of them had recently received a Fairytale Brownies gourmet food gifts catalog in the mail. Nearly everyone we saw commented on the recent Winter catalog, and wanted to know how our new Fairytale Bars taste. The answer? Amazing, of course!

I now know that our families will be very happy to receive their holiday bar & brownie gifts from us next month. I can also say that I tasted a brownie from a very famous bakery in New York City, and I still think we have the best brownies around. 

We had such a great trip, spending Thanksgiving with loved ones we don't get to see very often, and even getting to attend my cousin's beautiful wedding. Most of all, our Phoenix-born toddler got a taste of what life was like for us growing up in the windy and cold points east. She may not remember this specific trip, but at least we'll be able to say she's been in cold late-fall weather. 

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