Curl up with a Fairytale and a gourmet brownie!

February 26 is Tell a Fairytale Day. Of course here at Fairytale Brownies everyday is a Fairytale day! Now is the chance for you to get back in touch with your imaginative side. This day is about exploring myths and stories from the traditional, like Jack and the Bean Stalk, to the new, like The True Story of the Three Little Pigs. Read some to children or even write your own. Start with the phrase "once upon a time…" and see where your imagination will take you. Read our story and heritage below for some inspiration. Of course what would go better with a fairytale than a delicious gourmet brownie or gourmet cookie from Fairytale Brownies. So snack on a fudgy gourmet brownie and curl up with your favorite fairytale.

Pure intentions. Pure ingredients. ‘One Pure Promise’.

Once upon a time, two happy kindergartners met on the playground. With a purity of heart known only to children, they imagined that one day they’d spread joy throughout the world. They knew it could happen...if only they had the magic formula. In the wee hours of the night, the mystery was revealed. Right there, in Mom’s kitchen they discovered that which was theirs all along, a treasured family brownie recipe. A recipe so enchanting, they instantly knew that their childhood dream would come true. And thus the Fairytale Brownies was born.

Made of premium, pure Callebaut Belgian chocolate from the exotic cacao bean tree, blended with real creamery butter and farm fresh eggs, the Fairytale Brownies’s ingredients have no rival in any land. In every guaranteed-fresh bite, you can experience Fairytale Brownies’ pure intentions, pure ingredients and our ‘One Pure Promise’ to bring “joy and happiness” to your life.

Fairytale Brownies ~ A Taste of Pure Enchantment

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