5 Tips to incorporate Fairytale Brownies into your corporate food gift giving

Corporate gift giving is an excellent way to build and maintain business relations with a client or a valued employee. When sending any corporate gift, consider the following tips:

1. Appropriateness – Think about who will be receiving your gift. A gourmet brownie gift from Fairytale Brownies is always appropriate. Most people love fudge brownies, chewy cookies or buttery blondie bars, and our treats are all-American comfort food.

Does your recipient keep kosher? All of Fairytale Brownies products are kosher dairy.

2. Customization – You want the client to remember your brand as well as the gift. Fairytale Brownies offers several ways to customize those gifts. Put your full-color logo directly on the box, on the gift band, on the gift tag, on the brownie or cookie label and on the gift message card. We’ve got it covered.

3. Personality & Purpose – Who will be receiving this gift and why are you sending it? Fairytale Brownies has a gift band for a variety of special occasions – Happy...

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Gourmet Gift for the Stockings Hung with care!

Belgian Chocolate Brownies slip very nicely into stockings!

Fun to share & indulge on your own! And so easy to get...

VISIT FAIRYTALE BAKERY - Visit the "brownies" baking at Fairytale Brownies Bakery and watch through the viewing windows and eat a sample while shopping. Open Saturday 8am-5pm and Christmas Eve 8am - Noon. Go to our website first to our retail page  - http://www.brownies.com/customer_service/contact_us.aspx

In our address area there is a coupon so you can get one FREE brownie or cookie; the one for your stocking!

AROUND TOWN IN PHOENIX/TUCSON - Vist AJ's Fine Foods or Whole Foods to pick up wrapped Fairytale Brownies in our most popular flavors. Then slip into stockings Chrsitmas Eve.

Brownies at AJ's, Whole Foods or Gelson's!

LOS ANGELES SHOPPERS - Those shopping in Los Angeles can pick up your Fairytale Brownies at any Gelson's Market to slip into stockings. And they are on SALE through Janaury 2 at Gelson's!

A very Merry Fairy Christmas to All and to All a Good Night!

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Gourmet Brownie Recipes for Catalog Covers!

It may only be October, but we are busy at our photographer's studio shooting Fairytale Brownies catalog covers for the spring and summer of 2013. This year, we decided to base our cover photos on a recipes using our fudgy chocolate brownies. The ooey gooey recipes will be available to our customers when they receive their mail order brownie catalogs next spring! Here's a peek at the process of creating a gourmet cookie and brownie ice cream sundae. 

Food stylist Kim builds the perfect Belgian chocolate brownie (Raspberry Swirl) and cookie (Double Chocolate) sundae with raspberry sauce and sugared raspberries at her work table. 


And the bowl goes on set for a Mother's Day brownie gifts catalog!

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Fairytale Brownies turns routine office party into one sweet event


This week's customer story was written by Lori Craig:

I tried my first Fairytale brownie at my husband's office Christmas party. Oh my gosh, the Pecan Brownies - they taste as good (no, better!) as homemade. Well, my idea of homemade comes out of a box. Hee! Hee!

I love Fairytale Brownies. They make going to my hubby's office parties bearable!

- Thank you, Lori! Serving Fairytale Brownies can turn any party into a festively delicious experience. It must be the Belgian dark chocolate that we use in every fudge brownie that we bake.

Maybe this year, your husband's office will order cookies or maybe even our new buttery bars to serve at their party. Or they might even surprise all of their employees with food gifts from Fairytale. You have to attend now. You never know what's in store for you this year.


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NEW Brownie Gift Catalogs Coming Your Way!

We are just one long weekend away from our first Fairytale Brownies catalog drop of the 2012 Holiday season! 

Here is a sneak peek at every catalog we will be mailing this fall (and the spring ones you may have already received) here in the display rack we have next to the elevator in our office. This is a great place to showcase the current year's catalogs full of brownies, cookies and our new bars, while also having them handy to give to visitors who come by.

Our catalogs are full of gifts for the holidays, birthdays, many other occasions and corporate food gifts filled with a variety of gourmet baked goods that we ship worldwide. Whether you are looking to have Belgian chocolate brownies, sweet, buttery bars or moist, chewy cookies delivered, these catalogs have something for you!

Autumn catalogs (the one on the top left in the photo) will begin to arrive in home next week, with new versions every two to four weeks (not all to the same people, of course). 

This week is a milestone for...

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Billboard beckons brownie lover to Fairytale bakery

This week's customer story was submitted by Rachel Kurowski of Arizona:

"I found out about Fairytale Brownies from seeing a billboard on my way to a family party in the Tempe area. This was about two years ago, and I had pestered my fiance to take me there a few times, but he told me it was too far. When we did happen to be in the area though, it was always too late and the store would be closed (by the way, I guess a suggestion would be longer hours :)).

Anyway, I decided to look up your Facebook page one day when I had a craving for some brownies. I then asked if there was anywhere else I could find some of these enchanted morsels and I was told that they were sold at AJ's Fine Foods. So, I was all set to go get some, when I saw a posting for a contest and entered. It must have been fate because I won and was sent tickets to a play of "The Borrowers" (which was so adorable), and a variety package of your delicious brownies.

I haven't had a chance to get any since, because I don't live...

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Food Network viewer becomes Fairytale fan after watching brownie feature


This week's customer story comes to us from Eugene Tremblay:

I, like most of your customers, came across Fairytale Brownies from the Food Network. I'm not sure what show it was on, but I do know this: I saw a few different programs that had your company advertised, and I watched them all. Even if I had already watched the show. I could not get those DELICIOUS images out of my head.

My favorite thing to do is to put the brownies in the refrigerator. Granted, they never stay in there long. My life's dream is to open a bakery. Unfortunately, I'm not much of a baker. Just an eater.

Oh Eugene, you are one of our favorite customers! Not because you purchase many brownie gifts (although we are grateful for your orders), but because you are so loyal and communicate with us often. Even though you are in Seattle and we are in Arizona, gourmet brownies keep us connected.

Thank you being a fan and spreading the Fairytale Brownies word!



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It's not too early to start your Holiday Food Gift shopping!

Although most of the United States is sweltering with record-setting temperatures, it's not too early to think about holiday food gift shopping. In case you were wondering, Christmas is only 166 days away!

Fairytale Brownies likes to simplify gift giving for its customers, and the Early Order Discount is just a little bonus for those who like to plan ahead!. That bonus could save you up to 30%, depending upon volume ordered. You don't need to select a gift right now, just prepay a minimum of $500 and order when you're ready.

Check out some of the new gourmet brownie gifts that we have to offer.

We are introducing Fairytale Bars to our product line, and will include them in a variety of gift combinations. The bars will be available in four flavors: Cheesecake Swirl, Chocolate Chip Blondie, Pecan Blondie and Raspberry White Chocolate. I haven't decided if my favorite bar is the Pecan or the Raspberry... they all are quite delicious!

We also are excited to offer new Thank You Towers. The 3-Box...

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NEW Custom Gifts Printer for your Gourmet Brownie Gifts!

Fairytale Brownies welcomes the addition of two brand new Direct Jet UV flat bed printers! These new UV printers offer incredibly crisp text and vibrant, full-color images with outstanding quality and durability! These special printers use UV LED 6-color ink, which produces sharp, electrifying color quality! We upgraded our printers becuase new technologies have emerged since we bought our older printers, and we strive to create the best looking, and most delicious tasting gifts for our customers! We are so happy with these new printers, and I know you will be too!   

When you send us your personal logo or full-color photograph, we'll create an eye-catching custom gift that will create a long lasting impression. You can count on Fairytale Brownies to deliver premium, high-quality gifts any time of year with your art of logo prominently displayed on the lid. To find out more information on Corporate Gifts, Custom Food Gifts, personalized Holiday Gifts and more, visit brownies.com/custom o...

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