Customer Brownie Stories

Often we get great customer feedback from quality assurance survey's we ask customers to participate in. We collect feedback via online surveys and written business reply cards that gift recipients fill out and send back to us. It is in our Mission Statement to provide exceptional customer service and to bake the best gourmet chocolate brownies possible, so we take that very seriously! Here are a few examples of comments that we've received in the last few days from orders that were placed on our website

"I have a great deal of success when ordering from Fairytale, the product is outstanding. I am very satisfied." 

"Fairytale brownies are absolutely delicious, and prices are very reasonable considering the care in gift wrapping and delivery that I have found to be standard with this company. I would recommend this product to any chocolate lover."

"My Father loved the brownies I gave him for Father's Day so much, that I got them for him for his Birthday. Of course, he loved them and declared once again that he LOVES brownies every since receiving a gift box from fairtytale brownies (yummm); i've sent fairytale brownies in as gifts myself - and they've always been a big hit. service is always quick and easy and the presentation is of good quality."

"I've sent and received Fairytale Brownies and have always found them to be reliable, and delicious."

"I first learned about Fairytale Brownies when my husband was in the hospital and it was a welcomed gift. They were delicious and was happy to send them when I needed a gift."

"The best brownies in the whole wide world"

"Once again I have given Fairytale Brownies as a gift and once again I was told it was the best gift they had received in a long time and loved it. They wanted to know how they could start ordering!"

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