Surgery Team Appreciation Brownies!

With fond memories of the extraordinary Fairytale Brownies that we purchased every week at the Borgata Market in Scottsdale, Arizona when I lived there 1998-2002, and sending them as gifts ever since, I chose to send some to the 8 member surgical team that performed my cataract surgeries at Shiley Eye Center, affiliated with UCSD, in San Diego, Ca.

I sent a beautifully packaged assortment of the Fairytale Brownie products to express my appreciation to all of the players. The enclosed note of thanks stated appropriately, "I CAN SEE CLEARLY NOW" .... all of them were both pleasantly surprised and delighted with the 'gift'.

I wish to share with you the lovely note we received from Maria, the head nurse on the team, and say thank you to all of you at Fairytale Brownies for your able assistance. 

Your special products are always a hugh hit!

Name: Dale R.
City: carlsbad
State: california

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From AZ to Minnesota and Never Forgotten

My first encounter with a Fairytale Brownie was at AJ's Fine Foods on 56th & Ray in Chandler, AZ. It was an instant hit with me as I was a huge Amaretto fan and saw your brownie display at the counter with that flavor so I purchased one and it's an impulse purchase I'll never forget. Wow, amazing, I could go on and on. Fell in love with your brownies so when I saw you were giving tours in Chandler I was so excited and totally enjoyed the experience. Of course the end of the tour was my favorite when we got to purchase our brownies to take home. Jump ahead now to 2012 and when planning my June wedding earlier this year I choose Magic Morsels as my wedding favors. The photo shows the label I attached to the back of each one saying "You helped to make our day complete, now please enjoy this little treat! Rick & Diana" Even though I moved away from Arizona to Minnesota I never forgot about my favorite Fairytale Brownies and was thrilled to share them with everyone at our wedding.

Name: Diana...

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Ice Box brownie cake

Have you ever made an Ice box cake? It's quite easy and even more tasty especially if you're working with Farytale Brownies instead of the plain chocolate cookies. It only requires making a fresh whipped cream with no sugar or vanilla added and slicing the brownies to make the "cookie" portions.

I found it better to flatten out the portions so that it is more "cookie" than "cake".

You are taking the slices and putting the whipped cream in between making this into a loaf shape. Keep doing that and then cover the top and sides with the whipped cream. You won't need to add sugar as the brownie are sweet enough.

You then take the "loaf" and place it into your freezer for about 4 hours. You may want to put waxed paper around it and don't forget to put the whole thing on a plate and
not a loaf tin.

Slice and serve!

Name: Merle E.
City: Woodhaven
State: New York

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Customer Story -- Gourmet Brownies Served From The Heart

When I received a thank you gift from a customer in the form of Fairytale Brownies 9 years ago, this introduced me into a new World of Goodness! I felt these were too good not to share, so I did, with my additional homemade flair! I turned the Original flavored Brownies into a Homemade Peanut Butter Brownie Torte! I shared this with my office, and to date, I am still asked the recipe! It is very easy, and will share as needed! This product is surely "Love at first bite!!" and plan on being a forever customer!

Name: Amanda H.
City: North Augusta
State: SC

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Triple Chocolate Decadence Pie

Name: Merle E.
City: Woodhaven
State: New York

You're going to have to portion this one! Start with taking chocolate chip brownies and molding it in a pie shell to form the "crust" of a pie. That will be the double chocolate of the decadence. You now have a choice of making an instant chocolate pudding for the filling or one from scratch.

It's much better if you prepare your own chocolate pudding using: cocoa, sugar, vanilla extract, milk and a corn starch thickener...corn starch and cold water. Short cut on this is melting milk chocolate...which already contains the cocoa, sugar and vanilla.

Cool the pudding and then place on the pie crust. Make your own whipping cream and no need to add sugar to it as there is plenty already! Refrigerate. Serve what you be about a "brownie" size.

Option. Use espresso nib and chocolate pudding. Top with a coffee ice cream that is actually made with coffee. Mocha Out!

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Brownies For the "Greater" Good!

Name: Merle E.
City: Woodhaven
State: New York

Fairytale Brownies with Ice Cream

I decided to combine my favorite Fairytale brownies with my favored Greater's ice cream. I don't have to tell you why I love Fairytale Brownies. I tried Graeter's Ice Cream about six years ago when I was in Cincinnati, Ohio. That's where this small batch French style ice cream is produced. I not only loved the consistency and flavor of the ice cream itself, but it was all about the chocolate chips.

That brings me to the brownies! The thing with Fairytale Brownies is that it’s almost like eating fudge and they are using Belgian chocolate. So…Chocolate Chip brownie covered with Graeter's vanilla ice cream and topped with slices of fresh strawberries. I soaked a Chocolate Chip brownie in Chambord and then topped it with vanilla ice cream. Graeter's Mocha Chip with strawberries and broken up plain Fairytale brownie.
I took a chocolate chip brownie, cut it in half and placed vanilla ice cream in the middle and froze it. Another dessert idea until...

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Thank You Gift from our Bank!

Gourmet BrowniesMy husband and I recently did a reverse mortgage with an online bank and when it was over, the bank sent us a gift of Fairytale Brownies! Wow, were we ever surprised. It was so unexpected and really made us feel special. Now my husband is in the hospital with a broken neck and I think this is how I will help him celebrate Father's Day. I know he is in pain and this is about all I can do for him. Thank you so much for the care you put into the making of these brownies. They are terrific. I have bragged about them and given part of our gift to several of my friends, but I really didn't want to because they were too good to give away! So thank you again.

Name: Patricia M.
City: El Paso
State: Texas

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Mother's Day Brownies - You Promised!

Mother's Day Morsel 24Name: Diana S.
City: Ft. Worth
State: Texas (TX)

Dear Fairytale Brownies:

As of two hours ago, I am in receipt of a Mother's Day gift from my daughter, Miranda, which is an assortment of your Magic Morsels. In the course of two hours, I have eaten two walnut and one caramel flavored Magic Morsels.

I took a moment to read over your promise card which was enclosed. It reads - One Pure Promise: From our selection of the finest, purest ingredients (la-la-la)... That's why every purchase comes with an unconditional guarantee: If you (skip ahead) are ever dissatisfied, EVEN SLIGHTLY, we will make things right, etc. etc.

I feel certain, after consuming three Magic Morsels and surveying the remaining contents of the box, that I'm going to be "slightly dissatisfied." Yes. It's true! BUT. . . I am only "slightly dissatisfied" because there is not a second shipment scheduled for delivery within the next two days (the approximate time it will take me to polish off the rest of this box) :P


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Magic to a gloomy Friday

Name: Tess 
City: Bloomingdale
State: IL

The box of gourmet brownies certainly cheered up our office when our manager brought them over, they are vanishing quickly among our team as though fae are spiriting them away. The brownies were a pure delight of soft chocolate that melts on the tongue. So many tempting flavors to choose from, but a girl has to be good...or at least pretend to be. A dash of wickedness from the myriad of flavors offered kept sweet with the chocolate. Perhaps the magic is that they won't stick to the thighs, assince when does a girl have to stop believing in fairy tales? These brownies certainly do not disappoint!

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Brownies Can Save the World

I consider myself a brownie connoisseur. I know good brownies when I eat them. The story of my superb palette is a long one filled with divine delights and romantic chocolate nights alone, and I am okay with that, as long as, Fairytale Brownies is involved. They are so magically delicious I truly do want to slap the matriarchal line in my family and ask them where the heck is our culinary fairy? However, despite the lack of imagination in the kitchen we have learned to cope by making sure all of the family gatherings have a nice size box of Fairytale Brownies....and it is the only way we can get my family in one room. Thanks for keeping us wholesome.

Name: Kay Oliver
City: Houston
State: TX

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