Fairytale Brownies and My Girls!

I am such a fan of Fairytale Brownies and am always bragging on them to my friends here in MD. Each summer my girlfriends and I have our annual “girls slumber party”. We all graduated from high school together (Thomas Stone High School Class of ’87!) and this has been an annual event started before we graduated. The number of girls varies from year to year- some live out of state, some have other obligations, etc. We have crabs (that may sound funny to anyone outside of the east coast but it’s a southern Maryland tradition!) and everyone brings a side/snack/dessert.
This year I decided I would treat them all to Fairytale Brownies! As luck would have it I had a couple of Goupons in hand so was able to get a variety of treats for everyone to enjoy. I ordered Magic Morsels in bulk- Chocolate Chip and Caramel, and 12 Cream Cheese brownies.
The girls LOVED them! They kept sneaking them out of the bag before I could round up everyone to take a picture…I finally had to yell at them to stop! I...Read More

Fairytale brownies are like Charlie and the chocolate factory

The title really does say it all. See, my grandma gets a box twice a year, on her birthday and for Christmas. This is the first year I have been with her when she received them. Now I want you all to know how big of a chocolate fan my grandma is; when she gets that beautiful brown box she turns into that little boy from the book. I can't tell you enough how prefect your product is and how much my grandma loves them. Thank you for making old lady very happy!

Name: Megan P.
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Client Thrilled Over Brownie Delivery

Sometimes we forget how much our own small acts can effect someone's day. After sending our [Compendium] client a Fairytale Brownies gift recently, we received this heart-warming welcoming note from him. Needless to say, this client testimony is proof that we [as people's] sometimes seemingly-small act of kindness truly does go a long way.

His note to us was this:


Your very kind gift of Fairytale Brownies arrived yesterday. Brownies just happen to be one of my very favorite things in life. Talk about the ultimate comfort food!

I am very intrigued by all the varieties that you sent me. I was tempted to hold an impromptu one-man "taste test" right at my desk. My better senses prevailed as I knew:

1. Dinner was only 2 hours away

2. Every other time in my life that I ate half my body weight in brownies - I ended up feeling, let's just say - "not too good"

3. I didn't have fresh, cold milk (an absolute brownie REQUIREMENT) on hand

So, I decided to:

1. Take the whole package home

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Thanks from afghanastan

I just recieved a care package from Fairytale Brownies, and after eating just the first brownie out of the package, I was committed for life. I'm a deployed soilder in Afghanastan and to recieve this care package was amazing, delicious, and just a complete morale booster. It was out of the blue and something new to have while deployed. I'll certainly be useing this company to fulfill my brownie cravings for now on.

Name: Travis L.
City: DeRidder
State: Louisiana
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Mmm Mmm Good!!

For the second year in a row, I sent my mom Fairytale Brownies for Mother's Day. Ordering the Fairytale Brownies was super easy & seamless -- the team at Fairytale is amazing! This year, I sent my mom the Mother's Day Sprite Dozen package. Today she let me know that she received them in the mail already!

Here's her direct quote when explaining how excited she was about the delicious delivery brownies:
"Thanks for sending me a box of the yummy brownies again! I love them!"

Thank you Fairytale Brownies for your wonderful chocolate gifts!! Also, Happy Mother's Day to ALL the mothers included my wonderful Mom, Cindy!

Name: Amber M
City: Indianapolis
State: Indiana

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Great Office Treat for a Monday

One of my co-workers here at Swanson Health Products (http://www.swansonvitamins.com) received a package today from one of our partners. To everyone’s pleasant surprise, it was a box of Fairytale Brownies! We were even more pleasantly surprised to find that it was a brownie sampler box, Fairytale Brownies Gift filled with not just your standard chocolate brownies, but brownies of every flavor, including my favorite peanut butter. There were two sizes, which was nice to have a choice of whether to just have a little taste or indulge in a regular size bar. They didn’t last long, but I did manage to get a quick picture of my co-worker Ben with the brownie gift box...before everyone cleared it out. Thanks for an awesome Monday treat! 

Here’s what a few other people around the office had to say:

“Um, yeah, they are getting all my Mother’s Day business. I’m serious.” ~Cathleen

“I couldn’t believe all the flavors to choose from! I ended up with the Chocolate Chip one and it was OMG good.” ~Rachel

“Even though I just...Read More

Thanks from troops in Afghanistan

I recently ordered some of your delicious creations to send to my husband serving in the US Army in Afghanistan. Not only did the brownies arrive incredibly fast, but they were a huge hit. My husband was able to call to let me know they had arrived safely to him. His two comments were "they loved them" and that the brownies were "almost gone" within minutes...Thanks for offering free shipping to APO addresses and for making a great product with great customer service...I am always looking for ways to brighten his day and you made it easy. My daughter and I can't thank you enough for bringing a smile to dad and the other soldiers.

Name: LeAnne R.
City: Spring Lake
State: NC

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Thank You!

I received a large box of these DELICIOUS brownies from my husband.
FT have the absolute best service and products.
Best brownies... that is all i have to say ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!

Thank you again

Name: Lucy T.
City: Port saint Lucie
State: FL

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Fairytale Brownies: Welcome Baby Gifts

I took a Little Debbie to the hospital the day I was induced to enjoy after our daughter was born. My husband took a picture of me eating it, and sent it with the baby pictures to our family and friends. My sister-in-law, Jennifer, who lives in Mesa, AZ saw the picture and said she was disappointed that I was eating a Little Debbie. She knew about some delicious gourmet brownies that were made in Phoenix, and she was going to send me some. Not long after, I received my first box of Fairytale Brownies. You know the saying "you had me at hello." That's how I felt when I received this brownie gift. From the outer gift box (I sell packaging!), to the inner packaging, the purple paper, the gift card.... and then tasting the fudgy brownies - I was hooked!  Now, I faithfully send brownies as gifts too! 

Name: Tonya P.
State: KS
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Order Brownies - Our Fairytale Story

When my husband and I bought out first home (the condo in the picture), our lender sent us a box of fudgy Fairytale Brownies as a housewarming gift. That was about six years ago. We loved them so much that we still order brownies from time to time. We buy them for special occasions like birthdays as well as just for everyday snacking. There is nothing like freezing them for a later date because they are thaw perfectly. My husband loves the Walnut flavor, and my daughter loves the Original flavor. I don't have a favorite flavor - I love them all!

Name: Tianna J.
City: San Diego
State: California

Tianna J, Condo

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