Best Brownies - My Fairytale Story

I had my first experience with Fairytale Brownies last Christmas. My wife's company had them in the office for the holidays. My wife knowing that I'm a brownie lover, brought me home one of each flavor. I must admit, they were the best brownies I've ever tasted. I went through them way too fast - the caramel was my favorite flavor. I asked my wife if they had anymore, but to my disappointment they were gone (not surprisingly!). Fairytale brownies are the best brownies hands down!

Name: Mark R.
City: Albany
State: Oregon

Mark Renfro, Oregon
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Congratulations New Parents

The birth of a child is a special time, and it requires the perfect welcome baby gifts. I think the best way to congratulate a new parent is with Fairytale Brownies. I love to see a newborn baby for the first time. I've been able to see my grandchildren just hours after being born. I look forward to driving to the hospital and the anticipation of meeting the baby for the first time. This picture is of my son and daughter-in-law in the hospital with their newborn. You can’t see the Fairytale Brownies because they've already been packed in the take home bag. You learn that if others see a Fairytale Brownie they'll ask to have it! I enjoy giving Fairytale Brownies, which are the perfect congratulations gift. It’s now a tradition that my children look forward to receiving Fairytale Brownies when they have a child. I love first generation traditions. Thank you Fairytale Brownies!!

Name: Kay
City: Mesa
State: AZ

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Fairytale Brownies - The Best Corporate Gifts Ever

I love to give Fairytale Brownies to my co-workers and staff at the holidays. They are a delicious way to say thanks for all of the hard work that you have done. I once sent these fudgy chocolate brownies to the Payroll Department of a company I worked for, and they were the biggest hit ever. Even after I left the company, the people in the Payroll Department still kept in touch!

Name: Talisa C.
City: Boston
State: MA

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Mmmmm...Gourmet Brownies

I first tried Fairytale Brownies as an office gift from my employer. I brought them home and shared with the whole family. Since then, I have sent 2 brownie gifts this year. Christmas is right around the corner, and I plan on giving everyone the very best brownies...Fairytale Brownies! I also just got a some of your gouremt brownies in a wedding favor and they are so delicious! I set my box of Fairytale Brownies on the counter and went to do a few things around the house. When I came back, I had an empty box! I found out my husband tried to hide them for himself to secretly indulge later.
I still have yet to try your cookies they sound yummy! Your yummy brownies seem to cause mass chaos... People just want to eat them all up and not!

Name: Y. Moten
City: germantown
State: maryland

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It's not a birthday without brownies!

I have been a huge fan of Fairytale Brownies for the last 10 years. My friend Sheri started my affection for them. My roommates parents are watching thier suger intake, so we sent them the Sugar Free Magic Morsels. It was a huge hit. Now, I send the Birthday Box to my friends for their birthdays. Trust me my friends love them. I have included a picture of my friends Mike when he got his Birthday Box last year. What really keeps me coming back is I know if I have any problems the customer service is awesome. I once sent a package to a friend and I entered his old address, I called customer service for help, they got in contact with the shipping company and re-routed my brownies to my friend, they were so nice!! I love the the original, walnut, carmel and toffee crunch. I should be honest, I love them all! LOL. I really love when I get them as a surprise gift from my friends. hint hint hint LOL! ~John Norwich CT

Name: John 
City: Norwich
State: CT

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Fairytale Brownie Story

I still remember the day in 1999 when I received a Christmas gift delivered to my office at a large New York utility. In fact, I still have the tin container my brownies had arrived in. Although I had the opportunity to send your brownies as gifts over the next couple of years before retirement, my greatest pleasure was sending Fairytale Brownies to myself. In 2008 my cousin, whom I introduced to your brownies years prior, decided that she would build a Fairytale Brownie Wedding Cake. She actually purchased 150 of your brownies and used them to construct the most delicious cake on this earth. You guys are awesome...

Name: Joe Dube
City: Homosassa
State: Florida
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a special christmas gift

Almost a year ago (it was a week before the thanksgiving) i got a special gift from an unknown angel. we were to tell our stories on fairytale blog and i wrote mine. the short version of my story was that due to bad economy i had saved by money to buy fairytales brownies for my husband as a Christmas gift for him. since he loves these brownies so much so i though it would be a perfect gift. but unfortunately a really good friend of mine had an accident. due to our personal reasons we were not talking to each other prior to her accident. but me feeling bad used the money i was saving up for my husband and send her these delicious treats instead. as expected she just melted at the sight of this beautiful gift. we made up and happily that i got my friend back, shared this story with everyone on the fairytale blog. then someone (i will not take her full name as im not sure she will be comfortable with it) got my address from the fairytale staff and send me a box instead. although it was...Read More

Brownies for Marines

Sending a treat to the Marines in Afghanistan is a real challenge due to the travel time involved. But I thought you would like to know how much your still fresh and delicious tasking brownies were appreciated by the Marines of India Battery stationed in the Helmand province of Afghanistan. Below is the thank you email I received for the sprite extravaganza I sent. "I wanted to take the time to thank you guys for your generous and thoughtful birthday gift. It was a treat to get anything over here, but that gift was a major morale booster and a big hit with Marines throughout the camp. I can’t believe how fresh and delicious those brownies stayed through their long journey…kudos to whoever found that company. I put a box of them in our Combat Operations Center at about 7 pm the night I got them thinking they would last a while. I came back in the next morning for a patrol brief and they were already all gone. Apparently Marines were coming in throughout the night after hearing about the...Read More


I'm always looking for great gift ideas and these are fabulous! Clients, friends and family all love them. Thanks for the wonderful treats!

Name: A Margello
City: Cincinnati
State: OH
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Cannot stop eating!!

Fairytale cookies are amazing! I had the honor of sampling them. The cookies arrive packaged with an ice pack to keep them fresh. The Double Chocolate flavor tastes like a fudgey brownie. It is so moist and fresh. The Caramel Pecan is my absolute favorite. The smell of maple and pecan bursts out of the wrapping when opened. So delicious and chewy and the nut pieces top it off. Perfection!!

Name: Jennifer
City: Clifton
State: Virginia

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