Customer Rave

Good Afternoon,

Here is a comment that was recently left of Tanika's blog. Tanika is in customer service and posts regularly on brownie service! 

"I must comment on probably the best example of customer service I have received in years. After some issues of trying to get some brownies delivered to my wife for her birthday AND our anniversary, I was called back by Tanicka. After explaining the situation, she volunteered not only to ensure my order was delivered the same day, but she actually went out and delivered them herself. That was something that was totally unexpected but greatly appreciated. I was so floored by her willingness to go above and beyond to ensure that I was a happy, satisified customer, I had no problem in placing an order with her and probably would do so again in the future. She is the perfect example of what customer service is supposed to be, so to her I say, Thank you! - Ben"

That's awesome Ben! Thank you so much for sharing. We make customer service one of our first priorities and are glad to hear you had a quick and thorough solution to your dilemma.

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