Spreading Joy Through Gourmet Chocolate Brownies...

My name is David Kravetz and I am the co-founder of Fairytale Brownies.  Eileen Spitalny and I began Fairytale Brownies in 1992 with little more than a family recipe and a wonderful partnership.  From my earliest childhood I can remember the smell of fresh-baked brownies in our kitchen, and the shear joy I experienced sneaking that first bite when they came out of the oven.  

Eileen and I met in kindergarten and have been friends ever since.  We've shared more brownie snacks than I can possibly remember.  In the beginning we sold our gourmet brownies at street fairs and farmers' markets.  All the winter visitors in Phoenix kept asking us to ship the brownie gifts back home to friends and family.  And before we knew it, a mail-order business was born. 

At Fairytale Brownies we have the most incredible team of talented, energetic, and dedicated people.  It has been a true joy watching them grow personally and professionally over these many years.  In this blog I plan to share some of the stories and experiences that make this such an exciting and wonderful place to work.  Thanks for reading!


Brownies Delivered With Purple Power!

Well, our 15 year-old cargo van just got a makeover!  This van was one of the first things we purchased when we went into business.  Over the years we've used it do bring our gourmet Belgian chocolate brownies to different street fairs, farmers markets, and community events.  We've also used it to deliver brownie gifts to homes and business in the local Phoenix area.  But after many years of faithful service, it began to show its age.  The vinyl lettering had completely faded and the graphics were outdated.  It's been a goal for a while now to give the old van a fresh look.

Just last week it finally got the long-awaited update.  Our graphic designer Erin Kress worked with a great local company Blue Media.  They specialize in vehicle wraps, banners, and large-format graphics.  She designed a full wrap in Fairytale purple with a giant photo of our delicious Fairytale Truffles (fudgy chocolate brownies enrobed in decadent Callebaut chocolate).  

Before the van wrap was printed, we had a...Read More

Mail Order Brownies - Behind The Scenes

A couple of weeks ago we had a photo shoot for our Spring/Summer 2011 Fairytale Brownies catalogs.  We print our catalogs twice a year - once in August for the fall catalogs, and once in December for the Spring/Summer catalogs.  A few months before the catalogs are printed we shoot the photography for all the new products, and also the catalog covers.  This year our graphic designer Erin Kress had the idea of taking a photo of a woman serving a plate of fudgy chocolate brownies.  And she thought it would be fun to have my daughter Lily be the "hand model" for the shot.  Lily was thrilled at the idea.

Lily was on fall break from school so we scheduled her to spend a day at the photo shoot with us.  It was special to have my daughter at work with me, and also to have her involved in the shoot.  The day before the shoot I took her to get a manicure so her hands would be "model ready."  Everyone was very sweet to her that day and she had a chance to learn about how we photograph the best... Read More

Brownies Delivered at the Tour de Fat Bike Festival in Tempe, AZ

On Saturday, October 9th The New Belgium Brewing Company's "Tour de Fat" came to Tempe, AZ.  This day long celebration of bicycling was a fun and crazy event.  It's stated goal is to "spread the good word about the positive societal offerings of the bicycle."  I brought my daughter to the festival and we met up with Michelle Kerpan from our Accounting Team.   Michelle also brought along her good friend Mel.  Thousands of participants in crazy costumes rode their bikes along a two-mile course around downtown Tempe.   

Michelle had the forethought to fill their baskets with the best brownies in the world.  She chose our bite-size Magic Morsels which are great for sharing and also make a wonderfully sweet snack.  Along the bike route Michelle and Mel made lots of friends as they tossed out fudgy chocolate brownies to the lucky participants.  Once we all arrived at the end of the route there was food and entertainment for the rest of the afternoon.  

It's always easy to make friends when...Read More

Buy Brownies From A Trusted Website

Fairytale Brownies recently earned the BizRate® Circle of Excellence award for the eighth consecutive year.

The Bizrate® Circle of Excellence is a distinction earned by retailers who go above and beyond the norm to provide exceptional service to their online customers. Fairytale Brownies strives to bake the best-tasting gourmet brownies and provide incomparable customer service.  We use the feedback from Bizrate comments to create a better online experience for our customers.  We also identify service or product issues through the comments, and address and rectify the issues as promptly as possible.  Our customers know when they send brownies to friends or loved ones, all aspects of the order are handles with the utmost care.

We respond to all survey comments, whether they are positive or negative. This lets our customers know that we are always listening, and we genuinely want to hear their feedback so that we can improve our service.  We want to provide the very best brownies along wi...

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Memories Of The Best Brownie Company

The other day I was looking through some files and I stumbled across a bunch of great old photos from our early days in business.  Eileen and I started Fairytale Brownies in the fall of 1992 with the desire to create the best gourmet brownie gifts available anywhere.  We opened our first 1,000 square foot bakery in 1993 tucked in the back corner of a deserted shopping center (see photo below).  Our initial concept was to sell our fudgy chocolate brownies wholesale to the burgeoning coffeehouse market.  

In addition to the wholesale business we started selling brownies at all the local farmer's markets and street fairs.  Pretty soon people started signing our mailing list and out-of-town visitors began asking us to have brownies delivered back to their hometowns.  At that time we used to drive down to the local UPS facility and drop off about one package each week.  And that's how we eventually switched to selling mail order brownies.  Today we ship around 500 gifts on an average...Read More

It's Finally Time To Have Fairytale Cookies Delivered!

They're finally here!  We've been talking about, testing and sampling our new Fairytale Cookies for over six months now, and they're finally ready for sale!  For over 17 years we've been delivering the best brownies available anywhere, and now you can add a little variety to your next thank you food gift.  Our new fall catalog will be in mailboxes next week, but we're launching our updated website and products a little early.  Starting tomorrow (Sept. 8) you'll be able to place your order for a cookie delivery.  We have a great selection of new holiday gifts that include an assortment of fudgy brownies and decadent cookies.  These tasty treats make great corporate gifts and will also thrill your friends and family.

(....with more in the works)

Fairytale Cookies are baked with the same premium, all-natural ingredients as our world-famous Belgian chocolate brownies.  Pure creamery butter, farm-fresh eggs and fine dark brown sugar let you taste quality in every...Read More

10-Year Anniversary Celebration

Yesterday we celebrated the 10-year employment anniversary for a number of our team members.  When you order brownies from Fairytale Brownies, remember that there is a dedicated and professional team behind the scenes.  

There were three team members celebrating anniversaries in August.  Kim Brandimarte is our Shipping Team Leader who makes sure that when we ship brownies around the world, everything is packed to perfection.  Chris Corn runs our retail store here in Phoenix and provides gourmet brownies with a warm and welcome smile to our walk-in customers.  Donna Baker is our Controller and she ensures that every time we send brownies, all of the financial accounting is complete and accurate.  We also honored Jen O'Flynn with a belated recognition plaque.  Jen oversees the customization of packaging for our corporate gifts.  She has been a team member for over 10 years.

Fairytale Brownies would not be the success it is today without the hard work and dedication of these incredible...Read More

Cookie Delivery Begins This Fall!

Well, after 17 years of creating the best brownie gifts anywhere, we've decided to branch out.  Fairytale Brownies began with just two flavors - walnut and plain.  Since that time we've expanded our line to include 12 flavors in three sizes (Original 3" x 3" Brownies, snack-size 3" x 1.5" Fairytale Sprites, and bite-size 1.5" x 1.5" Magic Morsels).  We've also introduced brownie trays and our most recent creation - Fairytale Truffles (bite-size gourmet brownies completely enrobed in 60% dark belgian chocolate).

After much soul searching we decided it was time to branch out beyond our brownie beginnings.  Customers sending thank you food gifts kept asking for more variety.  So the next logical step was cookies.  But these couldn't be just any cookies - they had to be worth of the Fairytale name. So after months of testing, baking, evaluating and tasting hundreds of cookie experiments, we've created two decadent and delicious cookie flavors:  Caramel Pecan and Double Chocolate.

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Gourmet Brownies Handcrafted With Food Safety In Mind

Not only do we bake the best brownies in the world - they're baked with meticulous attention to detail and a dedication to providing a safe and wholesome treat.  This means we thoroughly inspect all incoming ingredients, track lot codes, bake nut-based brownies on separate days, and maintain a spotless facility.  Our Baking Team adheres to strict Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures (SSOP's) and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP's).  These industry standards ensure that every time we ship brownies, you can rest assured they are created with safety in mind.  

In addition to regular self-inspections, we have also been inspected by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration, the American Institute of Baking ("Superior" rating), and Costco Wholesale (one of the strictest inspections nationally).  We also receive regular inspections from the Maricopa County Arizona Healthy Department.  Below is a picture of our most recent inspection certificate that shows we have received the highest gold...Read More

Send Brownies With Reliable UPS Service

Well, I just couldn't resist sharing this picture!  About a year ago Fairytale Brownies began using UPS as our exclusive shipping carrier and we couldn't be more happy with the service we've received.  With UPS we can ship brownies to destinations worldwide with fast and reliable service.  

Recently I was invited to participate in a UPS customer appreciation golf outing.  When I pulled up to one of the tee boxes and saw this UPS "truck" I just started laughing.  There was a photographer taking pictures of each group of golfers and I told him that I just had to have a picture of me driving this sporty vehicle.  I'm told that this miniature delivery truck is used for promotional events such as delivering the game ball out to the field for kickoff, or as a pace car for racing events.  But the folks around here that saw the picture wanted to know if I had some gourmet brownies packed in the back.  Of course I said that is was full of brownie gifts.  

In just two years we'll be celebrating...Read More