Spreading Joy Through Gourmet Chocolate Brownies...

My name is David Kravetz and I am the co-founder of Fairytale Brownies.  Eileen Spitalny and I began Fairytale Brownies in 1992 with little more than a family recipe and a wonderful partnership.  From my earliest childhood I can remember the smell of fresh-baked brownies in our kitchen, and the shear joy I experienced sneaking that first bite when they came out of the oven.  

Eileen and I met in kindergarten and have been friends ever since.  We've shared more brownie snacks than I can possibly remember.  In the beginning we sold our gourmet brownies at street fairs and farmers' markets.  All the winter visitors in Phoenix kept asking us to ship the brownie gifts back home to friends and family.  And before we knew it, a mail-order business was born. 

At Fairytale Brownies we have the most incredible team of talented, energetic, and dedicated people.  It has been a true joy watching them grow personally and professionally over these many years.  In this blog I plan to share some of the stories and experiences that make this such an exciting and wonderful place to work.  Thanks for reading!


Fairytale Brownies Provides Corporate Gifts for the Arcadia High Titans

I've written a few blog posts recently about supporting my daughter's new high school, Arcadia High in Phoenix, AZ. In the fall, we bought a scoreboard sign for the football team.  In the winter, we bought a gymnasium banner for the basketball team. Well, it's spring and baseball season has begun.  So we recently purchased a commemorative brick for the new baseball field. The high school just finished a three year renovation and the baseball field was the final piece of construction.  Our "brownie brick" will be there for many years to come, and it's a nice reminder for people to buy brownies online when they look down to read all the bricks.

In addition to the ads, we regularly supply brownie gifts to the teachers and staff at the school.  And of course, my daughter always has a steady supply of fudgy brownies in her lunch box every day.  At this point she gets daily requests from friends for specific flavors.  Like all of us at Fairytale Brownies, she loves spreading joy through...Read More

Building The Fairytale Bakery

This week we had a visit from Brett Corley, the General Contractor who built our new "Fairytale Bakery" back in 2006 (after 14 years in business we needed more room to grow).  Brett is the founder of C3 Construction in Phoenix, AZ.  He hadn't seen the building since we moved in, so he decided to drop by for a visit and buy brownies for some of his current clients.

Brett and I toured the building together and he watched us making the best brownies in the world.  We had some good laughs about the challenges we went through during construction (which were not funny at the time!).  I showed him our brownie test kitchen and he watched our shipping team pack up some thank you food gifts.  On the way out I gave Brett some of our decadent Fairytale Truffles (gourmet brownies enrobed in dark chocolate) to share with his staff.  It was great to see Brett and catch up on the brownie business, the construction business, and life.

4/12/10 - Myself & Brett Corley of C3 Construction     ...Read More

Arizona CPA's Learn About Mail Order Brownies

On Thursday, March 25th Fairytale Brownies hosted a group from the Arizona Society of Certified Public Accountants.  The event was organized by our Controller Donna, our Bookkeeper Michelle, and Alyssa in Public Relations.  The group of 30 CPA's had a behind-the-scenes tour of our brownie bakery and learned how we create the best brownies in the world.  

After a quick introduction, we all donned hairnets and headed into the kitchen.  We watched our Shipping and Baking Teams in action and then went upstairs to observe customers buy brownies over the phone with the Customer Service Team.  We took a quick look at the Sales, Marketing, IT, and Accounting Teams and then went into the conference room for a presentation.  

The CPA's all earned continuing education credits for attending the tour and presentation.  At the end of the tour we went downstairs where they could all buy brownies at a special discount.  Everyone had a great time!

Here I am explaining how we wrap our handcrafted...Read More

Decadent Birthday Brownie

My daughter Lily loves giving brownies to all her new friends in high school. One of her best friends Jeffrey recently celebrated his 15th birthday, so she decided to make him the ultimate fudge brownies.  I brought home two of our Original 8" x 8" one pound brownie trays.  We sell these trays at a number of gourmet grocery stores as a take-home chocolate brownie treat.  Lily frosted the first giant brownie and then stacked another on top.  She then added more frosting to the whole thing and piped on her birthday message.  Jeffrey was so surprised and said it ranked up there with the best brownies of all time!

Over the years we've talked about introducing a "birthday brownie kit" where we send a big brownie along with frosting, candles, and other goodies to create your own custom birthday treat.  During the creation of this decadent brownie, Lily reminded me that it would make the perfect birthday food gift.  So keep an eye out, you may see this new product in the near future!

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Gourmet Brownies Go To School

My daughter started high school this year and needless to say, Fairytale Brownies is very supportive.  Below is a photo of a banner we purchased to help support the school basketball team.  Having a Dad who owns a brownie company is always a fun bonus for my kids.  We send brownies to school with them every day and they regularly make new friends in the cafeteria.  My son and daughter both "order brownies" from me on a regular basis by putting a post-it note on my briefcase before I go to work.  Their friends put in special flavor requests so these orders can be very detailed.  I'm secretly hoping that all these students will grow up with a love for Fairytale Brownies and one day they'll buy brownies from us!  :) 

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Gourmet Brownies at Costco

Last weekend a number of Fairytale Brownies Team Members participated in a "Road Show" at two of our local Costco stores in the Phoenix area.  This special event for Valentine's Day allowed customers to buy brownies for their loved ones.  Below is a photo of Holly preparing Valentine brownies for some delicious taste testing.

Our fudgy brownies are the perfect chocolate indulgence and we received rave reviews during this three-day event.  The response was fantastic and we hope to be back in the coming months with Easter gifts, Mother's Day gifts, and Father's Day gifts.  Thank you to all of our customers who supported us last weekend!

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Fairytale Brownies Supports the Arcadia Titans

Here's a photo of the newly installed Fairytale Brownies ad on the scoreboard at Arcadia High School in Phoenix, Arizona.  Lily Kravetz, the daughter of co-founder David Kravetz recently became a freshman at the high school.  Lily has been enjoying our fudgy chocolate brownies her entire life and usually finds a cream cheese Fairytale Sprite (her favorite) in her lunch bag.  Fairytale Sprites are snack-size versions of our original Fairytale Brownies.  They're the perfect chocolate brownie treat!

Fairytale Brownies is an active member of the Phoenix business community and donates gourmet brownie gifts to various schools and organizations.  We also send brownies or give brownie gifts to teachers and other volunteers. 

We wish all the students at Arcadia High School a great year - Go Titans!!Read More

A Marketing Team Lunch is the Birthday Food Gift for Alyssa

The Fairytale Brownies Marketing Team

(left to right) Brandie Davenport - Corporate Sales, Alyssa Andrews - Sales & PR (the birthday girl!), Eileen Spitalny - Sales & PR Team Leader, Kari Gayes - Marketing Coordinator, Hilary Lee - Web Designer, Kristie White - Corporate Sales, and Erin Kress - Graphic Designer (I'm the Catalog & Web Team Leader, and I'm taking the picture).

Today the Fairytale Brownies Marketing Team went out to lunch to celebrate Alyssa's birthday.  Since all Fairytale Brownies team members get free rejects of our gourmet brownies, we decided to take Alyssa out to lunch at a local Mexican restaurant for her birthday gift.  Alyssa has been a part of the Fairytale Brownies team for over four years.  She is our "go to" team member for all things related to public relations, donation requests, advertising, and press releases.  She helps out with new product development, trade shows, travel arrangements, and many other details of the Marketing Team. 

Alyssa also coordinates...Read More

Sharing the story of starting a gourmet brownie business

I was recently asked to share the Fairytale Brownies story with a new website dedicated to helping people learn through the experiences of others.  Here is how the site describes its mission:

"you | we | me | empowered - uwemp is a dynamic open-source media company focused on providing inspirational, useful feature and profile articles and key resources to convert peoples’ interests and passions into reality. uwemp and our writing community uncover the setbacks, challenges and mistakes today’s compelling people and organizations have faced and how they have parlayed those experiences into an ultimate framework for personal and career success."

You can check out the the interview by clicking here.

In the interview I share how Fairytale Brownies took a family recipe and grew it into a thriving business selling mail order brownies.  Check it out and read about some of the challenges we faced growing a business that specializes in gourmet brownies and sending food gifts worldwide!


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Fairytale Brownies Recognized For SBA Loan

In 2006 Fairytale Brownies moved to a new building.  We were able to create this new Fairytale Bakery only with the help of Wells Fargo Bank and a Small Business Administration loan.  In a just published marketing brochure, one project from each of the 50 states was chosen to highlight the success of this SBA program.  Our project was chosen for Arizona, and below is the excerpt from that brochure.  We create all of our gourmet brownies and ship our brownie gifts from the Fairytale Bakery.  If you ever make it to Phoenix, please visit our store where you can buy brownies and watch the baking in action!

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