Decadent Birthday Brownie

My daughter Lily loves giving brownies to all her new friends in high school. One of her best friends Jeffrey recently celebrated his 15th birthday, so she decided to make him the ultimate fudge brownies.  I brought home two of our Original 8" x 8" one pound brownie trays.  We sell these trays at a number of gourmet grocery stores as a take-home chocolate brownie treat.  Lily frosted the first giant brownie and then stacked another on top.  She then added more frosting to the whole thing and piped on her birthday message.  Jeffrey was so surprised and said it ranked up there with the best brownies of all time!

Over the years we've talked about introducing a "birthday brownie kit" where we send a big brownie along with frosting, candles, and other goodies to create your own custom birthday treat.  During the creation of this decadent brownie, Lily reminded me that it would make the perfect birthday food gift.  So keep an eye out, you may see this new product in the near future!

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