Dedicated Riders are rewarded with Fairytale Brownies

Every Friday at 5:45am at my local gym, there are a core group of dedicated indoor bicyclists, including myself, who attend Kim Lovell’s spin class. Last Friday, I decided to ask the class if they would dedicate the ride to my dear friend, Maureen, who is very sick. I wanted to do something for my friend that would be inspirational and to give our ride a true purpose. I ended up receiving more than I could ever imagined from this amazing group of people! Blood, sweat, and tears flowed as we pushed our bodies to the maximum with Maureen as our inspiration. Throughout our ride, Kim motivated us in a caring way that was so heartfelt; you could honestly feel the compassion in the dedicated riders. After a ride of about 15 miles, you certainly need to fuel your body so I rewarded my spin friends with fudgy chocolate snack-size Fairytale Sprites. I thanked this group from the bottom of my heart and walked out with a feeling of great accomplishment!

The following day, I returned to the gym for yet another spin class and was approached by one of my spin buddies that was in class the day before. He thanked me for the brownies and graciously said, “My wife absolutely loved the brownies”!  I shared with him so his wife will always know how to get her next "brownie fix"!   

Janet & Maureen, friends for over 50 years!  

Janet & Maureen


Spin Photo


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