Deep Fried Fairytale Brownies??

I realize that every State Fair boasts their food offerings, particularly the crazy deep fried selections trending over the last few years.  I guess I didn't realize how crazy it had actually become.

My husband and I recently attended the Arizona State Fair to participate in the state wine competition (my husband was the emcee, I just tagged along) and I couldn't believe the array of deep fried fare now available.  I kept thinking to myself, what about having something simple like a really great tasting, fudgy chocolate treat like a Fairytale Brownie?  Or even a Fairytale Cookie, possibly dressed up in the form of an ice cream sandwich - what could be more delectable than fresh, creamery ice cream sandwiched between two scrumptious Fairytale Cookies (or even gourmet chocolate brownies)!  I know a few of us at work have made them at home for various events and they are always a huge hit. 

I suppose most people have come to expect the extreme when it comes to State Fair Foods, but I personally didn't see the need to go so far as deep fried gravy, deep fried Kool Aid, deep fried bubble gum, deep fried energy drinks . . the list goes on and on.  I was shocked, it seems they will basically deep fry anything nowadays.  Although it did get me thinking, what about deep fried Fairytale Brownies, or even deep fried Fairytale Cookies or Truffles?  Then again, maybe not.  Fairytale Brownies, Cookies and Truffles are great on their own, no need to deep fry these gourmet goodies to make them taste great - our pure, premium all-natural ingredients ensure our products can stand on their own, and stand out with any crowd!

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