Delicious Easter Brownies

Easter is right around the corner on Sunday, April 8th! Every year after Mass my family heads home and hunts for Easter eggs in the back yard, then finishes off the day with a big meal on the patio. We love to get together and enjoy the family, catch up on the latest, and eat until our bellies are happy.

As with every large holiday, my family usually makes a pot luck of it, and each is in charge of a course. Again I've been picked for dessert. . . It could be that they know I'm bringing Fairytale Brownies to the party regardless of what they assign me, buy either way, gourmet brownies will make an appearance!

I just love this idea that I found for decorating Easter Brownies from the "designergirl007" blog. I made these last year as well, and the result was a delicious, festive Easter Brownie! Fairytale Brownies mini brownies (Magic Morsels) are perfect for this recipe becuase they are perfectly portioned at 1.5" x 1.5" bite-size! The recipe is so easy to follow since the mini brownies are already perfectly sized. Simply pipe some green frosting simulating grass onto each mini brownie, and then place a malted egg ball onto the top. Simple. . . Easy. . . Fun. . . and Delicious! Photo courtesy of designergirl007. 

Or another idea would be to buy your Easter brownies decorated with festive Easter gift packaging. Fairytale Brownies has a big assortment of Easter Gifts to choose from, so why not start a new tradition for family and friends this year! Fairytale Brownies delivers the ultimate Easter treat :)

Happy Easter! ~Hilary

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