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Don't stress over gifting this year, focus on the benefits!
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November 7, 2014

We do it for people’s birthdays, when they are sick, around the holidays, and sometimes just because. Gifting is a huge part of our culture and steeped in tradition.

With the holidays coming up I am sure many of you have gifting on your mind, and it can get a bit overwhelming. Before we start making our lists and getting caught up in the shopping frenzy, I’d like to take a moment to remind us all of the benefits of gift giving.

Start with this question: Why do you give gifts?

“I like to make someone else feel good,” is a common response. However, the benefits also extend to the giver and the relationship between them and their recipient.

When you decide to give a gift to someone, you are thinking about them. You consider their likes and dislikes. The search for the gift itself can be an emotional lift and reinforce your relationship. You show an interest and appreciation toward another person and this strengthens the bond and it also helps to define the relationship.

According to Devin A. Byrd, Ph.D., associate professor and chair of the Department of Behavioral Sciences at South University — Savannah, “If it is friend to friend, people will remain thoughtful,” Byrd says. “If it is a romantic relationship, people will try to go for sentiment as well. [Gift-giving] taps into how we want to connect with that individual.”

You have probably heard the phrase, “better to give than to receive.” This has to do with the benefits of altruism - unselfish concern for the well-being of others. Studies show that altruism is good for your emotional well-being, and can enhance your peace of mind.

Also, what goes around comes back around. People who are altruistic tend to reap what they sow in the form of favors and social support from others, even people they didn’t directly help. You could almost say that gift giving creates good karma.

Another benefit that I found interesting is that gifting helps to reduce guilt. This is truer for people who are giving from far away. When you can not be with your friends and family, gifting is a way to let them know you are thinking of them, and they in turn receive your gift and think of you.

This last benefit is particularly true for me this year. My family is meeting up in Washington for Christmas, and because of my schedule I won’t be able to join them. However, I can send them something that will make them think of me, so I will be there in spirit.

When they receive that impressive gift tower and know that inside are Belgian dark chocolate brownies they will get excited and think of me! This is also the beauty of mail order gifting. It simplifies the process and saves a trip to the post office.

The process and benefits of choosing a gift for someone is still there, but you can shop from anywhere and have the gift shipped directly to them. 

So while you are shopping for gifts this year, do not stress out. Gifting is supposed to be fun and beneficial for you, your recipient, and your relationship. If you do start to find it challenging, remember that Fairytale Brownies is here to simplify gift giving.

Once they receive a brownie gift from you, they will be requesting it again and again. “Cousin (insert your name here) sent us those amazing brownies again, dibs on the Toffee Crunch!”

David and Eileen receiving a gift for 20 years

Co-founders David Kravetz and Eileen Spitalny receive a gift from their employees during Fairytale's 20th anniversary.


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