Dropping a hint: This nose knows where to find Fairytale Cookies

The Fairytale Brownies bakery smells like fresh-baked Double Chocolate cookies today! I love working at a place that always reminds me of home. My desk is upstairs from the kitchen so every now and then an enticing aroma wafts my way. What a delicious distraction!

Today, when my nose detected chocolaty goodness, I had to venture downstairs see what was baking. These chewy cookies pictured above just came out of the oven. No. I did NOT snatch one. I would be banished from the kitchen forever. Although it WAS tempting, I like having kitchen privileges.

We recently purchased a "helper" to make our cookies less labor intensive. That helper is a cookie dropper machine. (I don't know what its official name is, but dropping cookie dough is what it does.)

Instead of rolling each cookie by hand, the marchine does that first step for us. Each cookie still is weighed, measured and crafted lovingly by hand. The machine provides a consistency in cookie shape. It also allows inclusions like chocolate chips, walnuts, and toffee pieces to pop out on the cookie's top when baked, making each cookie that much more enticing.

All of this writing about cookies has made me hungry. I'm so glad today is my quality control day. I get to taste all of the brownies and cookies that were baked yesterday to make sure they meet our Fairytale standards. The afternoon is going to be a tough one, but I'm up for the challenge.

Have a Fairytale Day!


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