Easter Brownies Delivered

Easter is coming up quick; the Easter Bunny arrives on Sunday, April 24th! That's less than 3 weeks away. If you're like me, I like to fill my families Easter baskets with delicious desserts and yummy goodies! Each year, I try to spin our traditional Fairytale Brownies, and decorate them for Easter. This year, I found some really neat things to do with our fudgy chocolate brownies. Here are some fabulous ideas that I found while searching the internet for Easter brownies.

Idea #1:

This idea came from designergirl007's blog. 

Cut up Fairytale Brownies into bite-size squares (or use Fairytale Brownies Magic Morsels perfectly proportioned at 1.5" x 1.5" brownies).
Pipe green colored frosting onto the top of each brownie piece.
Place a malt ball egg on top of the frosting to finish.

Idea #2

This idea came from Decorate Cakes & Cookies blog.

Using Fairytale Brownies large 3"x 3" brownies, cut into oval shapes.
Frost brownie tops with chocolate fudge frosting.
Using a piping bag, decorate the tops of the brownies with pastel colored frosting. You can also cut brownies into rabbit shapes (as shown above), and using candy eyes, decorate the brownies to look like bunnies!

Idea #3

This idea came from the Betty Croker Recipes website.

Using Fairytale Brownies large 3"x 3" brownies, frost brownie tops with Marshmallow Cream of Marshmallow flavored frosting (or any other flavor frosting you'd prefer).
Sprinkle with pastel colored chocolate candies.
Either melt semisweet or milk chocolate chips in the microwave or by stovetop and drizzle over brownies. Cool completely before serving.

Well, I hope this got your creative juices flowing. I know it did mine. I think I am going to try both idea #1 and #3. What are you going to try? 

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