Easy to do some Fairytale Brownies tasting this weekend!

SATURDAY, MAY 26 - Visit Old Town Scottsdale Farmer's Market or Tatum & Shea Whole Foods!!

Visit Old Town Scottsdale Farmer's Market tomorrow and go to the fun AZ Pops Cart for a Salted Chocolate Fairytale Brownies fudgy chocolate edges inside popsicle - they are soooo good!

Pam and Butch are new Fairytale friends. Last weekend I visited the market and here I am with Butch enjoying this Fairytale cold treat. This one is a caramel rosemary Fairytale edge pop.

Fairytale Brownies   Fairytale Brownies at Whole Foods

Then I got to visit their kitchen this week; here are some treats freezing up! Only about a year old, they are creating a fantastic variety of flavors. I bought some for an end-of-school-year pool party. Everyone loved loved loved them!

Fairytale Brownie Edge Pops

Or tomorrow visit Whole Foods on Tatum & Shea for Local Vendor Day! Brownie sampling with Holly going on and take some brownies to go for grilling treats. Create your own frozen delight. . . cut a brownie in half, spoon on softened ice cream, and put back in the freezer and voila; Fairytale Brownie Ice Cream Sandwiches for the Memorial Day weekend!

There is nothing more American than a brownie. Especially these brownies. My friend (and partner) & I have been eating these brownies since kindergarten. Back then, they weren't baked with Callebaut Belgian chocolate as they are now, but nonetheless we loved them since they were always baked with a mom's love. 

Happy Memorial Day; thank you to those who have served for our freedom!

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