Eat chocolate, play, give!

Happy Bebe! Hi, I'm Eileen Co-founder of Fairytale Brownies. My business partner David and I met playing on the playground almost 40 years ago and enjoyed eating his mom's brownies. Now my daughter loves to share her love of chocolate and brownies with her friends. And me (her mom) loves to share with kids that chocolate grows on a cacao tree it does not come out of a wrapper. And I love to share the importance of play for all of us!

Recently at her school we taught 80 kids about chocolate, how it is harvested, passed around a cacao pod and enrobed fruits in milk, dark and our 100% Callebaut chocolate. Then we decorated with edible flowers, coconut, sugar, chocolate jimmies and so on. They got to enjoy some and the rest we bagged up to bring home so they could share with their families. The sharing and spreading of joy continues as now the Girl Scouts at school want to help raise some funds for our KaBOOM! playground.

This loving spirit of play and giving is what makes the world go round -
whether you give brownies, or give to play - thanks for making the world a sweeter place!

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