The Fairytale Brownies Journey continues!

Hi, my name is Eileen Joy Spitalny, Co-Founder of Fairytale Brownies. Friends since kindergarten, David and I started baking these brownies together in 1992 in a friend’s catering kitchen. 

Back in high school we talked about starting our own business together someday. We always worked & played well together (homework, extra credit, animation projects) so when we grew up we did it! 
Creating and growing Fairytale Brownies has been an amazing journey; can’t believe we are in year 20!
We didn’t even know how to bake when we started and now with our fantastic Fairytale crew, we bake and ship over 3 million brownies and cookies a year.
My role is to find new brownie clients and friends so I look forward to meeting you sometime soon. Whether personal or business, we will help you make friends and customers happy anywhere in the world.
It’s also lots of fun to talk with fellow entrepreneurs and share experiences, stories, trials and tribulations. If you want to talk, sample, share or ask a question, send me a note here or at Enjoy!

Spreading joy with mail order brownies

Here is a true Fairytale from our customer, Rosa, in Kentucky:

Once Upon a Time...

I ordered three dozen brownies last week, all going in a different direction. One dozen for myself, one dozen for our daughter Michelle and one dozen for our adopted daughter Carly. Our post office had been closed for one hour last Saturday when I realized my brownies were inside the post office. I squatted down, looked inside my post office box, heard a voice in the back and bribed the postman with the promise of a brownie if he would let me have my package, which he did. Today, Carly send me a video of our granddaughter Callan (14 months old) crying for one more bite of a Fairytale Brownie! She gave her a bite, threw the wrapper in the trash and the baby stood by the trash can crying.

Fairytale Brownies Dozen

Then I emailed Rosa, "May I share this story of spreading joy to your family through brownie deliveries, brownie bribes, little ones wanting more?" and "How did you first hear about us?"

She said...

Eileen, Yes you may share...

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Brownies Delivered - Worldwide!

We love to hear our customers' feedback after they've eaten or shared a Fairytale fudge brownie, chewy cookie or buttery bar. This message came from Megan S.:

brownies delivered"My mom sent a big box of brownies for me to share with my office at Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan. We work such long hours that we really need a boost from time to time, and getting mail is the most exciting part of our day (good excitment- there is plenty of bad excitment). We were all SO happy to get these brownies! People can't stop talking about how wonderful they are, and its been very distracting... one of our paralegals threatened to fall asleep at his desk since he ate three in a row and was full and happy and wanted a nap. Thanks for the great brownies, and thanks for making the extra effort to ship them all the way to Afghanistan."

Soon after I asked her if we could print her comment, she replied with another one:

"People keep coming to my desk today to ask me if I have more. (I only have a few left out of my big box, so I...

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Photo Gift Brownies Online - so easy!

Our new photo gift upload at is so easy!

Great memory gifts for any occasion, my daughter helped me at the 18th Annual Ghirardhelli Festival in San Francisco, CA a couple of weekends ago.

gift brownies

gift brownies


















We sampled thousands of our fudgy treats to San Franciscans and tourists.


So as a thank you to my 10-year old for helping on the weekend, I am sending her a Photo Tin Medley.


It is so easy with our new online ordering! No set-up fees, no minimums, and the gift ships right away.


Just upload your photo, write a line of copy and off it goes! She will love the treats and keep some momentos in the tin.

Keepsake memories made SO easy at Just search/shop under Photo Gifts for all our choices.

gift brownies


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We just wanted to bake the Best Brownies Ever...

When David & I quit our corporate jobs to be our own boss and create our own brand in 1992, we took his mom's brownie recipe with the goal of baking the best brownies in the world!

Millions and millions of Belgian Chocolate Fairytale Brownies later, we take the time to share with others what we have learned. Recently, the kids from the business class at Metro Tech High School visited and today I received a pile of thank you notes.

The notes reminded me how it is so much more than baking the best brownies ever... So many of the notes thanked me for helping them realize that with drive and perseverence you can go for what you want in life. You can make your own Fairytale come true, thanks for sweetening my day!

Reading thank you notes with a Pecan Fairytale Bar

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Recognition Gifts Testimonial

From Valley Leadership Development Office;

"Hi Eileen,

Thank you so much for your support of last week’s 64th Annual Man & Woman of the Year Luncheon, honoring Tom Ambrose and Ambassador Barbara Barrett.  We wanted to share some photos of our tables, dressed up with the delicious Fairytale Brownies!

The brownies were a huge hit, and guests are still talking about them today!  Most special, though, were the beautiful, celebratory towers that decorated our honorees’ tables and acted as a yummy gift to them.  I know Tom and Ambasador Barrett were delighted.

Valley Leadership is so appreciative of your support for this event, and excited about opportunities to partner with Fairytale Brownies in the future.  We cannot thank you enough for helping us add the extra touch to make last week’s event just a bit more special for all our guests!

Best Brownies for the Best People! Thank you Tom and Ambassador Barrett for being a part of our community."

The Program and a Photo Majestic Tower:

Recognition Gifts          Recognition Gifts



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Creating Fairytale Brownies recipe video was a tasty experience

Fairytale Brownies Browned Butter Cinnamon Cream Cheese FrostingWith each of our Spring/Summer catalog drops this year, the cover features a simple, yet delicious DIY recipe to enhance our gourmet Fairytale brownies, cookies and bars. Here is our Spring cover photo featuring the latest recipe, Fairytale Browned Butter Cinnamon Cream Cheese Frosting. David and I had a lot of fun making our latest recipe video -- This recipe is super yummy and only uses five ingredients.

I frosted fudge chocolate brownies and made sandwich cookies using several of our gourmet cookie flavors. Of course, we all sampled the creations when we were done, and my daughter took a few wrapped up to share with friends that day at the park.

If you would like to receive our Fairytale Brownies catalog, click here to get on the mailing list. For those with smart phones, we provide a QR code on page 2 of the catalog for quick reference to the recipe and video! 





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Gourmet Gift for the Stockings Hung with care!

Belgian Chocolate Brownies slip very nicely into stockings!

Fun to share & indulge on your own! And so easy to get...

VISIT FAIRYTALE BAKERY - Visit the "brownies" baking at Fairytale Brownies Bakery and watch through the viewing windows and eat a sample while shopping. Open Saturday 8am-5pm and Christmas Eve 8am - Noon. Go to our website first to our retail page  -

In our address area there is a coupon so you can get one FREE brownie or cookie; the one for your stocking!

AROUND TOWN IN PHOENIX/TUCSON - Vist AJ's Fine Foods or Whole Foods to pick up wrapped Fairytale Brownies in our most popular flavors. Then slip into stockings Chrsitmas Eve.

Brownies at AJ's, Whole Foods or Gelson's!

LOS ANGELES SHOPPERS - Those shopping in Los Angeles can pick up your Fairytale Brownies at any Gelson's Market to slip into stockings. And they are on SALE through Janaury 2 at Gelson's!

A very Merry Fairy Christmas to All and to All a Good Night!

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Let us help with Saturday's To Do List - Buy cookies, Holiday Gift basket, Brownies by Mail

Fairytale Brownies is wherever you need us for Saturday shopping, December 15!

AJ's Fine Foods on Ray & 56th St - Fairytale Brownies Demo Saturday from 11:00AM-2:00PM

You can pick up Holiday & Christmas Half-Dozens and our 9-Piece Truffles and of course Molly will have free tasting samples for you and yours!

Christmas Half-Dozens Available at AJ's!!

Not your part of town Saturday? Then you can also find Fairytale Brownies at

Downtown Scottsdale Farmer's Market Saturday from 8:00AM-1:00PM

Fairytale Brownies will be part of a fundraising Bake Sale sponsored by the LDEI Phoenix Chapter. Member Chefs and Entrepreneurs will be offering all sorts of treats including Fairytale enrobed brownies, our beloved Fairytale Truffles.

Fairytale Truffles for Christmas Gifting!

And if shopping from home Saturday, go to


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"The Most Wonderful Day of the Year" - National Brownie Day - December 8

'Tis the season, so please sing along...

"It's the Most Wonderful Day of the Year,

With the 12 Different Flavors,

And Everyone telling You "Have FAIRYTALE Cheer",

It's the most wonderful day of the Year -

National Brownie Day!"

National (Fairtyale) Brownie Day - December 8

If in Phoenix, come indulge at our bakery today, if not we can ship brownies by mail,

just visit

Have a Fairytale Season!!!

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Happy Anniversary To Fairytale Brownies!

Fairytale Bornwies 20th AnniversaryOur 20th Anniversary Open House Friday was a big, big success!

Thank you Fairytale Team members (you're the best!!), families (thanks for the support all these years), vendors (we appreciate your top-notch & consistent quality) and our fabulous customers (without you, it would be no fun) who helped raise money for KaBOOM! while having a great time.

Here are a few pics:

Open House

Presentation from Employees Pee Wee - our original chocolate source!! Our Families - Love you!! Kim - been here form the beginning!!! Head of Ops Now!! Raising money for KaBOOM! Kids and coffee for all! Bebe and Maya Signed by all our employees, so sweet! Play together, stay together! Sampling New Bars, Win a Tower!!

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