End of Year - Teacher Food Gifts!

Last week was the last day of school for my son, Austin. We both were very excited becuase for the fourth year in a row Austin made Gilbert Golden Scholar, which means that in an academic year, he's required to get all A's and only 1 B. He's always excelled academically - I'm so proud of the kid.  Below is a picture of Austin holding up his Golden Scholar certificate. 

During the course of the school year, I've become close with school administrators and with Austin's teachers. I'm an active parent and volunteer as much time as I can in his school activities. And as always when the school year comes to a close, I give my end-of-the-year teacher food gifts of Fairytale Brownies! This year, I brought the office staff a Fairytale Sprite 36, which are our half-size brownies. The fudgy brownies are individually wrapped, so they are the perfect office gift! For Austin's teachers, I gave each one a Thank You gift favor, to thank them for their hard work and dedication to education! Fairytale Brownies thank you gifts are a sweet way to show your appreciation!

Congratulations to my Austin for academic excellence, luv ya kid! 

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