Enter Fairytale Furry Tale Contest to Win Fudge Brownies

fudge browniesYou might have noticed photos of cute puppies on Fairytale Brownies' Facebook page this past week. Even though it appears that someone let the dogs in (out?), we still bake fudge brownies, gourmet cookies and bars!

We are in the middle of a contest called Fairytale Furry Tale, promoting furry pets and fairytales, and the pet photos you've seen on Facebook are just reminders for our fans to enter the contest.

Through this Friday, Fairytale Brownies Facebook fans can submit a photo of their furry pet being "fairytale-ish." The term fairytale is open for interpretation. So far, entries include: a dog dressed as a fairy, a dog consulting a mirror on the wall, a princess cat, a prince charming cat, a fairy pup mother dog, and a cat "resting" in a chocolate coma. We like creativity, so think outside the gourmet brownie box.

We will select five finalists from all of our entries and our Facebook fans will vote for their favorite. The winning entry will receive the Photo Tin Bar, Sprite, & Cookie Combo with their photo printed on the lid.

Two other winners will receive gourmet brownie gifts with their pet photos on the gift bands as well.

Like us on Facebook and submit your photo to enter!





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Name: deb
Time: Thursday, June 13, 2013

simply delicious!

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