Experience the Difference with Fairytale's Brownie Gift Basket

Because our fudge brownies, gourmet cookies and buttery blondie bars are baked with quality ingredients, and our packaging is custom designed, most people react animatedly when they receive a Fairytale Brownies gift. This reaction is all a part of the "Fairytale Experience." The following is a recent recipient's response when a brownie gift was sent to her from Kim Silva, Operations Team Leader:


The Brownies!  OMG! 
My first brownie was the “Espresso Nib”. 
Just the right sweetness…
Just the right cake-like melt-in-your-mouth smoothness…
Just the right crunchiness…
I will be saving them in my freezer and doling them out to myself to savor for the next 6 months.  I will remember you and David with each bite!

But the Experience of JOY!  OMG!
You see, the package may have been delivered last night, but I received it this morning when Jasmine went outside.
The pristine packaging – the white box by my front door…
The name, Fairytale Brownies, Did someone want to send me a “Fairytale”…
The inside packaging:
                The Brown box with the small embossed chocolate
                The Styrofoam
                The gel pack, reusable, and surrounded by paper…
                The labels, Once again the Fairytale Brownies on the sleeve only to remove that and…
                The “Enjoy” seal seemed to be directed just for me…
                And then, to prove to me that someone wanted me to have a perfect experience.
              There were 12 individually wrapped brownies and all of different flavors, perfectly done…
Not one detail was left untouched.  It was really wonderful.  But the unmitigated joy that I felt…that someone wanted to send me the perfect experience… the perfect package…Well, words cannot do it justice.  But I will say, “Thank You!”  That company really does bake magic!

Kim, you must be so very proud to work for a company that "really gets it!”  I think that you and David really stand for excellence!
Very Best Regards…Rosie

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