Fairytale Birthday Ice Cream Pie Recipe! Order brownies online to create your own!

My daughter recently had a birthday and requested a Fairytale Brownies Ice cream Pie. She and I created one once before in a pie dish, this time we went for it and made our creation in a springform pan. Thinking deepdish and even more delish! Ingredients needed are very simple:

12 Original Fairytale Brownies (or choose your own flavors)

Half Gallon all natural Vanilla Ice Cream
3-4 Toffee Chocolate Chip Fairytale Cookies
3-4 Double Chocolate Fairytale Cookies (again she chose her favorite varieties)

Get ingredients out so ice cream can soften a bit. You will also need a big mixing bowl, spatula or spoon. Unwrap our fudgy brownies and fill inside of pan starting in the bottom center and working out. Evenly press your gourmet brownie crust all the way up the sides of the pan. Then spoon ice cream into bowl and crumble 3 cookies or so of each flavor and stir. Fairytale Cookies ice cream then goes into brownie crust pan, fill to top with icecream and garnish with another cookie or two.

Brownie Pie Crust Cookie Ice Cream Almost ready for freezer!  Fairytale Ice Cream Pie

As we live in Arizona we made it two days prior so it could freeze up well and last for the kids singing and mom and dad cutting. She (we) loved it; as you can see!

Birthday Girl with Fairytale Ice Cream Pie!

For you locals we are going to have a Share our Strength bake sale at our bakery on September 20 and will have various Fairytale creations on sale for this great cause! Send me (eileen @ brownies dot com) your Fairytale recipes and ideas for our Bake Sale! We love to play with food at our house.

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