Fairytale Brownies: A Review & Great Gift Idea

Recently, Rita from Chi Town Cheapskate wrote a really cool review of Fairytale Brownies Gourmet Brownie Gifts. I thought it was such a nice review, I decided to repost! 

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I don't know about you but a nice chocolaty decadent brownie is my idea of the ultimate indulgence and an excellent stress reliever. The brownies from Fairytale Brownies certainly fit the bill!

For my review I was sent a Classic Tower with consisted of:

(6) Fairytale Brownies
(6) Fairytale Sprites
(6) Magic Morsels
(4) Fairytale Cookies
(4) Fairytale Bars

The package arrived in a very nice tower of boxes as pictured above.  When it arrived we were literally just headed out the door for a camping trip and I planned on bringing it along as a treat to share around the fire. It didn’t happen quite that way. My family insisted they could not wait and had to have a taste before we left. Much unpacking and unwrapping quickly ensued.

The first indication that these were not your average brownies came from my Mom. My Mom is not a sweet eater but my daughter so wanted her to have one my Mom relented and picked the Espresso brownie. My Mom is a nibbler I rarely see her finish eating anything. Well, she took a nibble like she always does then proceeded to wolf the rest down, we were all pretty stunned, not least of which my Mom.

I myself was going to wait for the trip but after that ringing endorsement from my Mom I dove in and chose a plain brownie, I have to say I was really blown away by how moist and fudgy it was. The chocolate flavor was deep and rich throughout. It’s a quality I’ve tried to achieve when baking my own brownies but never seem to be able to accomplish. These were hands down the best brownies I’ve ever had.


Each brownie comes individually wrapped and there are (3) sizes each of which has it’s own packaging but were all clearly marked so you could tell which flavor you were choosing.

I loved the sprite size because it was the perfect pick-me-up size, great for when you need a small (but not too small) shot of chocolate! The flavored ones were great as well, I especially liked the cream cheese brownie and raspberry swirl, my daughter declared the chocolate mint as her favorite.

Don't forget the cookies:

Yep, they make cookies as well! I have to say they were a perfect combination between soft and chewy and crisp. Flavors include peanut butter, mint chocolate, double chocolate, caramel pecan, coconut walnut and toffee chocolate chip. As you can see from the picture above our tykes had no complaints and loved the cookies as well. My favorite was the peanut butter and I left the toffee chocolate chip for my husband as he loves toffee, he tends to take a long time to eat his snacks so I gave him 48 hours then all bets were off. He knows from past experience I’m not messing around, so he ate his cookie with time to spare. He thoroughly enjoyed it!

About the Company:

I don’t know about you but I love it when a company has an interesting story and Fairytale Brownies doesn't disappoint. The company was founded by Eileen Spitalny and David Kravetz who have been friends since kindergarten!

The pair knew since high-school that they wanted to start a business. They  reconnected after college and FairytTale Brownies was born in 1992.  The original recipe came from David's mom and at the beginning each of them worked 8 hours shifts at night after their full time day jobs to get the business off the ground.

Now that is dedication, and it paid off. Twenty years later, Fairytale Brownies are still hand-baked in the company’s cozy yet ultra-modern kitchen. They are now one of the nation's largest gourmet mail-order brownie company!

Fairytale Brownies Gives Back:

Eileen and David have chosen to give back to their community by supportingKABOOM, the national non-profit organization dedicated to creating a place to play within walking distance of every child in America. They in conjunction with their customers have donated more then $100,000 in brownies and funds to the organization. They also funded and built a 3,100 square foot playground in Phoenix!

You’ll definitely want to bookmark this site! Whether it’s a Holiday Gift, a Birthday present or a corporate event you can't go wrong with it makes for a very appreciated gift!

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