Fairytale Brownies and Cookies - Great Treats for Great Causes!

My niece, Sophia, recently took on the task at school of raising money for the local homeless shelter in El Paso, TX in order to support the animals living at the shelter with their families.  They hosted a bake sale at school and I thought it would be awesome for her to have something special to sell.  Immediately Fairytale Brownies and Fairytale Cookies came to mind. . .  they are such special gourmet treats, I just knew the local folks would enjoy having something unique and delicious to choose from.  So, Aunt Nini (that's me), bought a bunch of fudgy chocolate brownies to have delivered, along with some of our new cookies.  Sure enough, our Belgian chocolate brownies and scrumptious cookies were just the thing to help Sophia exceed her goal.

Below is a picture of Sophia manning her booth for the big bake sale.  She will be able to donate her money towards buying food and supplies for the animals at the local homeless shelter.  Way to go Sophia, and thanks to Fairytale Brownies for making it so special!!

Sophia Bake Sale

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