Fairytale Brownies and My Girls!

I am such a fan of Fairytale Brownies and am always bragging on them to my friends here in MD. Each summer my girlfriends and I have our annual “girls slumber party”. We all graduated from high school together (Thomas Stone High School Class of ’87!) and this has been an annual event started before we graduated. The number of girls varies from year to year- some live out of state, some have other obligations, etc. We have crabs (that may sound funny to anyone outside of the east coast but it’s a southern Maryland tradition!) and everyone brings a side/snack/dessert.
This year I decided I would treat them all to Fairytale Brownies! As luck would have it I had a couple of Goupons in hand so was able to get a variety of treats for everyone to enjoy. I ordered Magic Morsels in bulk- Chocolate Chip and Caramel, and 12 Cream Cheese brownies.
The girls LOVED them! They kept sneaking them out of the bag before I could round up everyone to take a picture…I finally had to yell at them to stop! I think they now understand why I love these brownies so much and call Fairytale Brownies the happiest place in Arizona! I’ve attached a photo of us with the treats- they insisted I be in the picture so we set the timer.
Spending time with "my girls" is the best and thanks to Fairytale Brownies for adding just the right bit of "enchantment" to our fun-filled night!

Name: Shannon M.
City: Waldorf
State: MD

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