Fairytale Brownies and The Kentucky Derby, Why Not?

It's a big weekend coming up for us . . . .my wedding anniversary, my husband's birthday and of course, The Kentucky Derby!  Every year we try to come up with unique ways to celebrate, considering we have multiple celebrations lumped into one day.  This year we'll be celebrating with friends at one of the resorts and we'll be hosting everyone in our suite.  Of course, we need to have some Kentucky Derby themed fare, which will definitely include some Fairytale Brownies for munching, not to mention traditional mint juleps!

 I'm leaving the food and drinks up to my husband and I'll be concentrating on dessert, something I'm a little more familiar with.  I've decided to put together a platter mixed with various flavors of Fairytale Brownies and Fairytale Cookies, concentrating on the mint theme.  Luckily, some of my favorite Fairytale flavors include mint, which some think can be overwhelming, but in this case mint is a must!  I've selected some of our new mint Fairytale Cookies, which are made with rich Callebaut Belgian chocolate and pure peppermint oil, then striped with delectable rich chocolate, along with some mint brownies and other varieties.  Being in this business always makes dessert simple, and I don't even need to get into the kitchen, except to plate the goodies. . . . so we're off to the races, with our Fairytale treats in tow!

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