Fairytale Brownies at Ghiradhelli Chocolate Festival this weekend!

Fairytale Brownies Ghiradhelli Chocolate FestivalThis weekend Fairytale Brownies at the 17th Annual Ghiradhelli Chocolate Festival

September 8 & 9, 12pm - 5pm

David & I started our company by sampling and meeting people at street fairs and farmer's markets and 20 years later I still get to bring brownies to the people. Very excited to spread the Fairytale Brownies magic in San Francisco this weekend! Look for me (Eileen) at our booth on Beach Street.

Festival is Noon-5pm Saturday & Sunday and a benefit for Project Open Hand. Buy a sampling book to enjoy chocolate treats to your heart's content while listening to music or watching a chef demo. We will have take home Fairytale Brownies Gifts and indivudual treats for you to purchase and my sampling flavors include Walnut, Caramel, Chocolate Chip, Cream Cheese, Toffee Crunch and a few more. Oh yeah, I am bringing a few of our new sweet and buttery Fairytale Bars! See you this weekend.

Mention this post and I'll give you a Fairytale tchochke.

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