Fairytale Brownies brings joy to troops!

Snugs from Elmendorf Air Force Base (JBER), Alaska reviewed the Holiday Sprite 24.
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BOTTOM LINE: Yes, would recommend to a friend.

Rating: 5 Stars

Comments about Fairytale Brownies Holiday Sprite 24: There are so many products for sale theses days but very few rise to that special occasion. Fairytale Brownies are top notch! They're the only brownies that can consistently put smiles on peoples faces. Yes, they're that good! My wife was recently deployed to Afghanistan. The troops receive a lot of support gifts from family, friends, and people who care. Fairytale Brownies sent her a wonderful assortment box of brownies for Christmas and it proved to be the best treat ever.

My wife told me how she shared those delicious brownies with her teammates and how much they enjoyed them. They talked about them and looked for them in anticipation every time a new support box arrived. Two months after Christmas my wife returned home. While unpacking her belongings the next day, she said she had another gift for me. She reached over and handed me a Fairytale Brownie. It was delicious, a great treat! From the United States to Afghanistan, through all those days of travel and then back to the USA, just for me. It tasted like it just came off the desert plate! Thank you Fairytale Brownies for giving my wife and her friends a little bit of happiness while they were away from family and friends protecting their country!

Pros: Gourmet Taste,Delicious,Good Value,Memorable Gift,Freshness,Individually Wrapped,Flavor Assortment,Nice Presentation
Best Uses: Crowd Pleaser,Business Gift,Treat Yourself,Special Occasion,Holiday Gift,At-home Dessert,Personal Gift

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