Fairytale Brownies fan has 12 reasons to love Mother's Day

This week's customer story was sent in by Christie Kurowski:

"I was introduced to Fairytale Brownies by my wonderful daughter, Rachel. Rachel has a passionate love for brownies so I knew these had to be utterly awesome for her to recommend them. I won a contest with Fairytale Brownies and got a small sampler pack. I was blown away with the wonderful moist flavors of them!

I have since recommended them to all of my friends and family on the East Coast. I had to share with them because I know there is no place back East that makes brownies as wonderful as yours. I know that a lot of them will be placing orders online to try these. As soon as they get them, I am sure they will continue to place orders.

Thank you, Fairytale Brownies, for introducing my family to such a wonderful sweet treat!! We love you and your products. This includes all 12 of my children and my 10 grandchildren.

Thanks again."


I have to say, "WOW!"

WOW for the the great gourmet brownie praise! You aren't alone when you say that after tasting a Fairytale Brownie you were hooked. I've worked here for almost seven years and I haven't baked my own brownies since I my first day.

And WOW for having 12 children! You're like our Mother's Day Dozen gift: you are the box and each of our fudge brownie flavors are your children. Happy Mother's Day! (Ok, I know that was a weird comparison, but we DO have the number 12 in common.

I hope one of your children send you some Belgian chocolate brownies from Fairytale for Mother's Day... hint, hint!

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