Fairytale Brownies Holiday preparations in full swing!

Most people are not thinking about Christmas yet or the coming Fall holidays, but at Fairytale Brownies it's never too early for us to start thinking about it. . . .in fact, we start thinking about it the minute the previous holiday season comes to a close.  And mind you, Christmas is only 6 months away so we're already half way there!

We've got our plans in motion and are in the process of finalizing Fall holiday projections, as well as staffing projections.  We'll start bringing on some of our holiday help in early August this year.  It takes a lot of preparation across the board in every department to make the holidays a success at Fairytale Brownies and we've been at it for 20 years now, improving year after year.  By the time it's all said and done we'll have hired around 100 temporary team members, from production in baking and shipping, to customer service and data entry.  We stagger the hiring based on production needs, so our bakery production workers come on board first, immediately followed by our gift builders in shipping.  Fairytale Brownies is such an amazing place to work, we're fortunate to have a lot of the same holiday helpers return year after year. 

This Fall we're introducing our new Fairytale Bars, in addition to the already scrumptious Belgian chocolate brownies, cookies and truffles!  We'll have numerous combination gourmet gifts to choose from, so you can get a little taste of all our delectable goodies wrapped up in one beautiful package. 

Remember, Fairytale Brownies makes gift giving easy and our gourmet gifts are always in good taste, so when you're planning your holiday gift list be sure to keep us in mind. . . we're here to make your life a little easier!   


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