Fairytale Brownies in the snow - Finally!

Last week, we were asking for anyone who happened to have snow - and a Fairytale Brownie - on hand to take a picture of it lying in the snow! Since it never snows in Phoenix we thought we would live vicariously through our customers photo's and pretend we were having a white Christmas. We actually made a contest out of it; the first person to send in a picture of a brownie in the snow would win a Fairytale Brownies gift. We had a few (very creative) customers send in pictures of their brownies - but not in real snow...Until now!

Our graphic designer Erin happens to be in Menomonee Falls, WI this week for a press check of our Spring/Summer catalog press run. She cleverly decided to snap a photo of a brownie - and catalog - in the snow! Yes folks, that's snow! Apparently there is lots of it up in WI. You'd never know it here; this week in Phoenix the highs are in the 70's! 

If you are in the snow and have a brownie on hand, snap a picture of it then visit this link:
Fairytale Brownies in the snow - CONTEST. That brownie gift is still up for grabs!

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