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Fairytale Brownies Makes Monthly Birthday Gifting Easy for Businesses
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February 17, 2015

chocolate brownies, deliver browniesBirthdays are kind of a big deal at Fairytale Brownies.

Some of us decorate cubicles with balloons, streamers and confetti, and shower each other with gifts of food and little surprises - all to let our co-workers know they are special. And then we receive a treat from the owners of the company.

I have to say - it doesn't matter how old you are, that little bit of appreciation boosts your spirits so much that you feel like you can do anything that day.

We've discovered many businesses celebrating similarly - They're using Fairytale Brownies gifts as the birthday surprise.

We have so many birthday gift basket options, after all! There's a treat box here for everyone.

Companies will email us a spreadsheet listing the names, birth dates and addresses to send for a particular month. Then we will ship the specific gift requested by the birth dates with the specified gift messages.

Some companies choose to deliver brownies to employees, clients or vendors at their home address. Others ship brownies to their work address. Either way, the recipient is sure to receive a fresh box of individually wrapped treats, customized with their logo.

Fairytale Brownies are fudgy, dark chocolate brownies baked with premium ingredients, so think "party in a box." They are meant to be savored and shared. We recommend purchasing a large enough gift box to feed the birthday boy or girl and a few people who sit nearby.

(We've been told that work productivity increases after eating a gourmet brownie, but you'll have to test that theory yourself.)

Businesses use this same monthly concept to celebrate work anniversaries as well. Instead of sending a birthday brownie gift, they'll send a Thank You, Congratulations or Thinking of You option.

Any business interested in starting a new monthly birthday or anniversary program with Fairytale Brownies will receive FREE SHIPPING on their first month's shipment if placing a order by February 24th. Email your list to, or call 602.489.5123 to discuss gift ideas with a representative.

Fudgy chocolate brownies are always a hit for celebrations!



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