Fairytale Brownies New Products for 2012

Well, it's that time of year when we have just finished the holidays and we can start looking forward to the next season at Fairytale Brownies.  We plan all year long and it seems to just come and go so fast, I can hardly believe it. We had a great 2011 holiday season - we shipped thousands of gourmet brownie, cookie and truffle gifts all over the world, so we're really looking forward to 2012. . . . which means working on new products, of course!

In 2012 we'll be working on a new line of bars, something that is not Belgian chocolate based, but will be oh so delectable! Our fudgy chocolate brownies are by far the best around and our Fairytale Cookie line has been a huge hit, so the next introduction to our line of gourmet products will be the bars. We're planning to debut the new products in the Fall with 4 introductory flavors. We'll be working on something with chocolate chips, another with pecans, one with raspberry puree and white chocolate, and hopefully something with cream cheese (which is one of the favorite Fairytale Brownie flavors). 

I'll be working hard with our team to get these new products perfected, which means the test kitchen here at Fairytale Brownies will be in full swing and we'll be testing batch after batch, I can't wait - Yum!

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