Fairytale Brownies, not only the Best Brownies . . . the Best Team Members!!

It's well known that Fairytale Brownies makes and creates the best brownies, but in order to do this we need to have the right people on board, and Fairytale Brownies certainly has the best team members around!  Recently, one of our team members celebrated her 10 Year Anniversary with Fairytale Brownies, tada . . . presenting Mrs. Janet O'Leary - HR/Operations Assistant!

Janet began working for Fairytale Brownies in the Customer Service Department in September of 2002, but after a few years, and as the company really started to grow, she decided to apply for an internal position to assist in the area of Operations and Human Resources.  Her role has evolved over the years and she has become an expert in the area of Human Resources - I couldn't do it without her!

Fairytale Brownies prides itself on not only providing our customers with the best brownies, but also providing a great place to work - where team work, integrity and honesty are key.  Janet has been a huge help in getting the right team members on board, and making them feel at home.  This is especially important during our peak seasons, when we're bringing on board over 100 seasonal team members to work in our various departments.  Not a small task by any means, and to do this successfully is a huge accomplishment.  Thanks, Janet - Fairytale Brownies couldn't do it without you!

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