Fairytale Brownies Seasonal Team Member Training Begins!

Tis' the season at Fairytale Brownies and we're getting geared up for the coming holidays, believe it or not. . .  We've hired our first round of seasonal bakers and everyone is currently in training.  They will spend the entire month of July training and learning everything they need to know about working at Fairytale Brownies and producing the greatest brownies in all of Fairyland!

We could never get it done without the help of our seasonal team members and it's all in preparation for being able to ship out holiday gifts for the coming season.  By the time it's all said and done, our teams will have produced and shipped more than 5 million Belgian chocolate brownies, along with a wide assortment of our Fairytale Cookies and Bars.  We always have quite a few returning team members each year, they love it so much and we rely on their experience to help get our newer team members up to speed.  This year we'll hire a total of over 100 seasonal team members to help out in various departments throughout the company; from baking to shipping to customer service and order entry.  Go Team!

Baking dark Belgian chocolate Fairytale cookies


Checking brownie batch temperatures


Fairytale Brownies team members enjoying lunch together


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