Fairytale Brownies served at women's afternoon tea

Whenever there is an event in my life, I always try to incorporate gourmet brownies from Fairytale into the mix. Last weekend was no exception. The women's ministry at my church held an Afternoon Tea and I made some fancy little fudge brownie treats for dessert.

fudge brownies

gourmet browniesActually, they looked fancy, but they were easy to make.

I used 12 Fairytale Brownies Chocolate Chip Brownies and cut them into fours.

Then I mixed the following:

2 8 oz. packages of Cream Cheese, softened

1 8 oz. can of crushed pineapple, drained

2/3 cup of sugar

I spread the mixture over each of the fudge brownies, and sprinkled chopped nuts on top. (You can use whatever kind of nuts you like. I used a peanut and pecan mixture.) Then I sliced strawberries and topped each brownie with a piece.

I covered the finished tray with plastic wrap and refrigerated until it was close to serving time.

gourmet browniesThe women attending the tea nibbled on delicious sandwiches and salads before getting down to business with dessert.

The ladies had their choice of cupcakes, fancy cookies, pineapple cream cheese brownies, and Oy Vey Brownies.

Thank goodness most of the dessert items were small! In my mind, that gave us permission to sample several items without feeling guilty.

Did we actually serve tea? Of course! We had to have something to wash down all of that chocolaty goodness.

fudge brownies

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Name: Ellen Bryce
Time: Friday, April 19, 2013

And everyone loved them! Thank you, Alyssa, for sharing, once more, your fantastic Fairytale brownies!

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