Fairytale Brownies- Sure to bring a smile!

One day last week I drove into our cul de sac and saw some mail lying in the middle of the street - I think with all the dust storms we've had recently it must have blown out of a mailbox, it was somewhat weathered.  I picked it up and saw that it belonged to our neighbors, so I proceeded to their front door to deliver their mail.  Upon delivery, my neighbor (who I don't know very well) started to ask if I was the one who worked at Fairytale Brownies. . . . . I answered proudly, "yep, that''s me!" When we initially moved into the neighborhood I had given a few trays of our fudgy chocolate brownies as a "hello" to all our neighbors, so I figured that's what she was referring to.

Come to find out, this particular neighbor had been hospitalized for some time while undergoing cancer treatment. While in the hospital she was a regular recipient of scrumptious Fairytale Brownies and had since become a customer herself. She remarked on how much the gourmet brownie gifts meant to her and that she was always able to share her fudgy chocolate brownies with the staff and doctors. Everyone was so appreciative and grateful for the brownies, they had actually come to expect them whenever she received a delivery. Her family had purchased the 12-Month Fairytale Gift Club, so she was receiving gourmet brownies every month. With a big smile on her face she went on to say how they had really helped her get through some tough times, and even when she didn't have much of an appetite, she was always hungry for Fairytale Brownies. . . . not only was she smiling, but knowing how much the brownies meant to her brought a big smile to my face too!!

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