Fairytale Brownies thanks team members with gourmet treats

Just a few more days and the Fairytale Brownies busy season will once again be finished.

It always amazes me how three short weeks could be so intense. We have 36 year-round employees, but during the summer, more team members begin to arrive. By Thanksgiving, we have about 140 team members in our building - all with one goal in mind: deliver the best brownies to everyone, everywhere.

closeupThis was my 7th holiday season making sure our customers enjoy our fudgy chocolate brownies, and each year seems to run smoother than the previous one. This could be because we all jot down suggestions during our busy season and then go over them in January with the entire company staff.

But it also could be that each department has great team members who have high standards just like Fairytale's co-founders, Eileen and David. We love our products and want everyone who receives a gourmet brownie gift to feel the same way.

That said, all of us - year-round team members and seasonal team members alike - look forward to receiving an extra treat from Eileen and David just before the Christmas holiday. Each year the gifts are different. We've received brownies and cocoa, Sprite Extravaganzas, Fairytale Dozens, and brownies with a Brownie Bear!

This year we are receiving three gifts: A 4-Brownie Favor,Holiday Medley and a Keepsake Tin Cookie 16... a little bit of everything!

In a couple of days, the 2011 Fairytale Brownies Season will come to a close. We'll take a couple of deep breaths and then continue planning season 2012 - Fairytale's 20th anniversary year. Delicious gourmet treats and a few surprises are in store. Stay tuned!

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