Fairytale Brownies - The Best Brownies! Video Blog Review

The folks at www.sunshinerewards.com received a Fairytale Brownies Holiday Tower last week and recorded a great video blog review! The review was very impressive so I wanted to share it on our own blog!

Here is a snapshot of what the review said about the Best Brownies, Fairytale Brownies:

"As you can see from the video, Fairytale Brownies make a perfect gift for a number of reasons. They're not only delicious, but are packaged nicely and come individually wrapped They come in different flavors (Chocolate Chip is a hit) and the brownies come in different sizes (Magic Morsels, Sprites, and full size brownies). You can order brownies in different combinations and sizes. There are a variety of brownie gifts to choose from including bulk brownies, or even choose your own flavors. Custom gifts can be made with your company logo or for wedding favors or baby showers."

Watch the full review here.


Thanks www.sunshinerewards.com for the great review. Enjoy the brownies! 

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