Fairytale Brownies Visits the NASFT Fancy Food Show

Fairytale Brownies - Kim SilvaEach year we sample our Fairytale Brownies at the NASFT Fancy Food Show. There are over 17,000 attendees, over 80,000 products to see and sample, and over 1,300 exhibitors representing over 35 countries there. Recently, we attended the winter show in San Francisco to sample our yummy Belgian chocolate brownies and gourmet Fairytale cookies

The Fancy Food Show is an arena for gourmet foods from all over the world, which makes it even more fun for us because we get to see and sample scrumptious goodies from all over, and also learn about new food trends.  We also love it because we get to meet a ton of Fairytale Brownies fans, and believe me, there are a lot!  Our gourmet fudgy brownies are always a huge hit and we have people raiding our booth for samples.  It's a great feeling to know that we make such a delicious product and people from all over absolutely love, love, love our Fairytale brownies and cookies!!

Here's a quick pic of Eileen and I at the show!


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