Fairytale fan includes gourmet brownies in Thanksgiving feast


This week's customer story comes from Aymee Comas-Diaz:

A couple of years ago, a brochure for Fairytale Brownies arrived at my doorstep. I didn't recognize the Fairytale Brownies name but the gourmet brownies looked so delicious that I decided to keep the brochure for a purchase in the future. Two weeks later, I went to my brother's house for Thanksgiving and what did they have in the center of the dessert table? A big basket of Fairytale Brownies Sprites.

I was so happy to finally get to taste them. They were a hit with the whole family. By the end of the night, the brownie basket was empty. Yes, I did slip a couple of them in my purse for later. Not long after, I pulled out my brochure and I ordered brownies for myself. Now, we order them all of the time. Of course, they are a staple at Thanksgiving dinner, and we are all thankful for that.

Aymee - We are thankful that you and your family have made our fudge brownies a part of your Thanksgiving tradition. - Alyssa

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