Fairytale fan shares gourmet brownies with best friends


This week's customer story comes to us from Charla Garcia:

I worked at a hotel all through college, and one year at Christmas (2003) one of our regular guests sent the staff a giant box of Fairytale Brownies as a gift (she was from Phoenix). I had never heard of your company before, but after I ate the first one, I wondered where you had been my whole life! I was able to snag about 10 brownies and shared with my best friends, and we all agreed that they were AMAZING.

Now, every year I send them to those friends as Christmas gifts... and maybe a box or two for myself. :)


Our Brownie Extravaganza is an amazing gift - perfect for an office setting to serve many people. You were lucky to snag that many brownies. Your co-workers were generous!

Thank you for your story. We are glad you continue to spread the gourmet brownie love.



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