Fairytales really do come true! Just ask the the Sweet Sixteen!

Okay you basketball fans! It's official; The NCAA Sweet Sixteen!  March Madness, at it's peak! How exciting for me to be from a state that will represent four teams that have made it to the Sweet Sixteen!  This is history in the making for college basketball and a fairytale come true for the Buckeyes, Bobcats, Bearcats, and Musketeers! First time ever four teams from Ohio have made it to the Sweet Sixteen!

If you're a basketball fan, you understand the language I speak! This is very exciting as the team that wins it all becomes the National Champion of College Hoops! If I were a betting kindof gal, I would bet that one of my Ohio teams will walk away with that National Championship Title! (I have faith!)

 Regardless of which teams move on from the Sweet Sixteen to the Final Four, you can bet  Fairytale Brownies will have their own "Sweet 16" Cookie Tin  for you just in time for your celebration! Whether it's Fairytale Cookies you want delivered or Gourmet Brownies Gifts, we have the perfect treat to keep your basketball fan happy and their sweet tooth satisfied! Check out brownies.com for gifts available in not only the "Sweet 16" size but 24, 48, and 96, too!

Fairytale CookiesCollege basketball trivia:

What team was in the Final Four 7 times in 9 years from 1986 to 1994? 

If you can't answer this correctly, you don't know college basketball!

Answer: Duke. Duke's reign included 7 Final Four appearances, 4 title games, and 2 championships in the 9 year span.  



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