Fans of Fairytale Brownies at Copper Blues & StandUp Live

Last evening me and Eileen Spitalny (co-owner of Fairytale Brownies) were invited to attend the grand opening of chef Aaron May's Copper Blues in downtown Phoenix at CityScape. Copper Blues serves over 50 craft beers on tap, along with a wide array of American style "tapas." In conjunction with the grand opening was a hilarious comedy show at StandUp Live, which is connected to Copper Blues. Pablo Francisco was the star comedian who did some great impressions and had everyone roaring with laughter! We were seated with a group of people from Par Exsalonce Salon & Spa, and when they found out we were from Fairytale Brownies they became giddy with joy. Everyone at the table was a fan, raving on and on about the gourmet chocolate brownies. They just couldn't get enough "behind the scenes" talk about the the brownies and how Fairytale came to be. 

When the show came to an end the Fairytale Brownie fans were sad to see us go, but we gathered business cards and address information in order to send some follow-up treats to all the raving brownie fans. "What a great night" I thought to myself as I headed home. . . it always makes me smile when I meet people who know about Fairytale Brownies, especially when they are already a fan of the fudgy chocolate treats - better known as the BEST brownies around!

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